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This page is a starting point with information relating to our project, to document our mapping activities in the Philippines, and comply with the Directed Editing Policy and related guidelines of the OpenStreetMap Foundation.


  • We adhere to the OpenStreetMap community value of transparency, and understand that our project edits, changes, and comments are accountable through public change sets.
  • We agree to provide sensible basic training and orient contributors and volunteers we recruit through this effort about Good Practice, and ensure that all project-related user accounts are to be used by one and the same individual.
  • All our contributors are expected to edit with care, and follow applicable national or regional mapping conventions.
  • We will strive to provide meaningful, and relevant Good changeset comments.
  • We understand that all our volunteer contributors are expected to respond promptly to requests for comments.

About Us

The Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment Digitalization (VCAD) Project under the Philippine Red Cross aims to digitize buildings, settlements, and essential facilities of select communities on OpenStreetMap, covering over 100 barangays in the country.

Area of Interest (AOI)

Collaborators and co-working partners, or supporting organizations

Training, Data Sources, Quality Assurance

Data Sources

Validation Work-flow


Project Leaders and Coordinators

Mapping teams

Former contributors mapping for our team