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What are the PoliMappers Adventures?

PoliMappers is going to publish on its social media channels (Facebook user polimappers, Twitter user@PoliMappers) and on our telegram channel PoliMappersAdventures a simple challenge everyday for the entire month of December 2020, with the purpose of contributing to OpenStreetMap while having fun. The idea is inspired by the traditional  Advent calendar.

This year, we decided to slightly modify the challenge, so here are the new rules:

  • The Adventures will be divided into 4 weeks according to a different theme;
  • During each week, we will publish some quests related to that theme;
  • Complete the weekly tasks whenever you want, but before the week ends;
  • Save your changesets and post your work on social media using #PoliMappersAdventures;
  • At the end of each week, those who have completed all the quests will receive a special digital badge!

How to participate?

  1. Follow us on our social media channels.
  2. Read the instructions for the challenge of the day.
  3. Important: add #polimappersadventures in your changeset comment when you modify the OpenStreetMap database. (If you are a member of PoliMappers, please add also the hashtags #youthmappers #polimappers).


#Week Themes Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
OSM Basics
November 30
December 1

As every year, we ask you to start by learning something new about OSM on Learn OSM. Map what you learned, use our hashtag #PoliMappersAdventures on the comment of your changesets, and don’t forget to post your work on social media!

December 2

Map a point feature element on OpenStreetMap: it could be a tree, a bench, a recycle bin.. it's up to you! The important is to have fun and, obviously, make your point on the map and.. on the challenge!

December 3

Add a new line element to the map or update an existing one with additional tags. You could either update the information about an highway or a waterway as well as contribute to some Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) tasks devoted to line features mapping.

December 4

It's time to start mapping some buildings! You could update map features in your areas or look for a project on Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) where buildings are required. Our suggestion? Why not contributing to the "Mapping Tartus" project in Syria that we contributed to in occasion of GIS Day?

December 5

Keep working on the given task!

December 6

Have you completed all the quests? Congratulations: you're a master of the "OSM Basics" week!

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap
December 7

The first task of the week is very simple: choose a project on the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team tasking manager according to your level of experience and map the required features.

December 8

Keep working on a Humanitarian OpenStreetMap of your choice and do not forget to put #PoliMappersAdventures on the comment of your changeset.

December 9

Here we go with another PoliMappers Adventures quest! Today, map on a TeachOSM task for humanitarian purposes. You can search for “Mapping Tartus” (#1148), created by our faculty advisor.

December 10

Keep working on the TeachOSM task of your choice.

December 11

Time to “swipe”! The new PoliMappers Adventure task requires you to use the MapSwipe app on your smartphone to detect areas with buildings and roads that need to be mapped.

December 12

Let's map and swipe on this week tasks! And do not forget to put #PoliMappersAdventures on the comment of your changsets!

December 13

Last task for the humanitarian-themed PoliMappers Adventures! We ask you to visit the HOT Training Center and enroll in one of the courses offered to learn more about the world of humanitarian maps and missions.

OSM Tools
December 14

This week we will introduce and explore some of the most common and useful OSM-related tools. Take your #OpenStreetMap editing skills to another level: explore some of the functionalities of JOSM! You could find a guide about this here ➡ https://learnosm.org/en/josm/start-josm/

December 15

Let’s try some useful and easy-to-use #OpenStreetMap mobile editors and don't forget to include #PoliMappersAdventures on the comment of your changesets. Vespucci (Android) - Go Map!! (iOS)

December 16

Explore the JOSM plugin catalogue and install the most useful ones that could help you in your mapping and validating activity!

December 17

Keep working in your neighborhood by mapping missing map features with your favorite mobile OSM editor!

December 18

Looking for an intriguing challenge? Find a task on MapRoulette and help fixing common issues associated to OpenStreetMap data quality! You can also have a look at our training material here.

December 19

Keep challenging other contributors from all over the world with some challenging tasks on MapRoulette!

December 20
Grab your smartphone, capture images of your neighborhood, and help updating map features on OSM! For this #PoliMappersAdventures task, download and try Mapillary and then share with us the results of your survey.
December 21
December 22
December 23
December 24
December 25
December 26
December 27


Do I have to participate in all the activities?

It is not mandatory to participate everyday. ;-)

Can I track changesets made with hastag #polimappersadventures ?


Note: this map can show changesets only for the last 30 days. So maybe, we will need to do screenshot of it before december 31.

Leaderboard as of 2020-12-18:

User Changeset count
tars4815 25
TomM4 5
Michael Montani 3
ChiaraPonti 2
Mathilde Puche 1
mebrau_UT 1
Total 37