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Mutflat Hiking
Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Jojo4u
Tagging: route=mudflat_hiking
Applies to: way relation
Definition: A mudflat hiking route.

Draft started: 2016-09-18



[W] Mudflat hiking routes are tagged as route=mudflat_hiking on way ways or as a relation relation. The way ways of the route which leading over the mudflat (tidal flat) are not tagged with any highway=* tag. The route is mapped quite coarse since it is subject to changes over time.

In absence of other local known names the name=* is suggested to be "[word for mudflat hiking route in your language] [starting point] - [island]", e.g. "Wattweg Sahlenburg - Neuwerk" in german.


Mudflat hiking is a recreation for experienced mudflat hikers or together with tour guides. The difficulty and experience may be comparable to alpine trails with sac_scale=demanding_alpine_hiking.

A new value for the route key (mudflat_hiking) is used because:

  1. Mudflat hiking route has no physical feature so there is no possibility to mark the unique dangers of mudflat hiking on the way like sac_scale=* does.
  2. Sub-tagging hiking routes (e.g. route=hiking+hiking=mudflat) is not used because mudflat hiking is quite different than normal hiking with no visible trails and unique dangers.

A mudflat hiking route does not have a built path, but is merely a suggested route like route=ferry. Thus the highway=* tag is not fitting.

The possible route may change after each tide, so the route should be mapped quite coarse, again like route=ferry.

Verifiability is possible by using GPS-Traces and looking after so called  de:Pricken /  nl:Prikken which are used as markers.


Overpass Turbo for Wadden Sea in North Sea

Once deleted highway=* which where resurrected as route=mudflat_hiking:

Currently existing highway=*


See Proposal section.

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