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Particular crossings
Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: ulamm
Tagging: particcross=(see description)
Applies to: linear
Definition: An overall parameter on separately drawn cycletracks describing the average layout at crossings of particular accessways
Rendered as: repeated dots on the cycletrack signature, because of concurrent features preferably as an optional overlay (user-defined rendering)
RFC start: 2014-12-26


Many roadside cycltracks are crossed by several particular accessways of houses and other private grounds. If a cycletracks is lead in sidewalk level, which is standard in some countries, such accessways may cause uncomfortable depths and waves of the cycletrack. If the cycletrack has been built after the houses, the layot of these connections often is almost unique. This fact suggests describe the average layout of these crossings for longer sectons of the cycletrack by an overall parameter.


Most of these particular crossings are entries and exits as well. In English like in many if not most other languages, a neutral common term for entry and exit is missing. "Particular crossings" is quite a long name for a tag. The essential parts of both words of this term can be contracted to particcross. Both "c"s should be kept in order to avoid a "party-cross" reading.


The values may be:

Other values may describe the paving, either forming combined tags, or rather doubling the tag:

Or thy may edges caused by borders of pavement:


highway=cycleway           (or highway=path + bicycle=yes)
+ cycleway=obligatory/vs/optional
+ oneway=yes/vs/no
+ surface=*
+ traverse link=*
+ particcross=*


It can be visualized by repeated dots on the cycletrack signature. With a thorough description of cycling facilities, there is a possible interference of the rendering of several features. It can be mastered by a user-defined rendering with optional overlays.


The information ought to be used as an element of a comfort score.