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For marshalling yards and sidings, railway sheds, bits of grass with old rails and hardware strewn around, train washes, etc... Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Railways
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Use landuse=railway to delineate areas of land owned or operated by railway companies (commonly known as the railway corridor). Railway land usually contains railway track, which generally consists of one or more main or branch lines, and may also include more complex track configurations such as marshalling yards for freight and/or passenger rolling stock, locomotive depots, railway stations and sidings owned by the railway company. Railway land also contains the buildings such as workshops, washing plants, coaling and water towers, railway station complexes and other infrastructure that support the operation and maintenance of rolling stock. In addition railway land may also contain artefacts of railway operation and maintenance occasionally found alongside operational railway track, including piles of coal, ballast and sleepers and derelict rolling stock, in addition to abandoned or derelict railway track.

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