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Site Tagging Schema (prototype) p.ex. for castles/manors, hospitals, stadiums, universities, education facilities, ...

The goal of this tagging scheme is to get a simple mapping without duplicate names and tags about the same entiry to include related buildings, entries, information office, etc. This tagging scheme would allow software to detect easily a single site area, so a renderer can label a name and place an icon.

Examples 'comme il faut':


As the name "Site Relation Type" suggests, this is about sites which are mapped

  1. at least, 1st., with a relation of type "type=site" (MUST), which holds the name tag and "main" tag (e.g. castle, hospital, stadium, university),
  2. and 2nd. with one member (MUST) of type geometry which places the label (role=label).
  3. In addition, 3rd, there MAY be other roles which can be buildings, entrances, etc..

Relation tags:

Members roles:

  • role=label: Referencing any element which MUST contain a geometry where to draw the label (see also Relation:boundary#Relation_members)
  • none - Anything you want to tag as part of the site. e.g. buildings, entrances, etc..

Good practices (tbd.):

  • Use main tag, like historic=castle only once per site; avoid to tag every building as historic=castle.
  • Name can include "Schloss", e.g. "Schloss Hallwyl", since "Hallwyl" is also place name, a locality or even a village)


  • Renderers have to follow the member having the label role wich contains a geometry (e.g. a node but not necessarily).
  • Castles got their own icon in default Carto style April 2018.
  • University, Parking, and Plant

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