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Site Tagging Schema (prototype) p.ex. for castles/manors, hospitals, stadiums, universities, education facilities, stadium...

The goal of this tagging scheme is to get a simpler but more powerful mapping as it's typically existing, like for example the Castle "Rittherhaus Bubikon", which follows the hospitals schema, where an area area around the grounds is drawn, and the type and name tags are attached to it.

The new tagging scheme want's to avoid duplicate OSM objects (e.g. buildings) of the same type (e.g. castle/hospital/school/...) and wants to give room to tag the grounds as it is (grass etc. instead of type=castle/hospital/school/...). In addition it should include related entrances, information office, etc. This tagging scheme would allow software to detect easily a single site area, so a renderer can label a name and place an icon.

Examples 'comme il faut':


As the name "Site Relation Type" suggests, this is about sites which are mapped

  1. at least, 1st., with a relation of type "type=site" (MUST), which holds the name tag and "main" tag (e.g. castle/hospital/school/...),
  2. and 2nd. with one member (MUST) of type geometry which places the label (role=label).
  3. In addition, 3rd, there MAY be other roles which can be buildings, entrances, etc..

Relation tags:

Members roles:

  • role=label: Referencing any element which MUST contain a geometry where to draw the label (see also Relation:boundary#Relation_members)
  • none - Anything you want to tag as part of the site. e.g. buildings, entrances, etc..

Good practices (tbd.):

  • Use main tag, like historic=castle only once per site; avoid to tag every building as historic=castle.
  • Name can include "Schloss", e.g. "Schloss Hallwyl", since "Hallwyl" is also place name, a locality or even a village)


  • Renderers have to follow the member having the label role wich contains a geometry (e.g. a node but not necessarily).
  • Castles got their own icon in default Carto style April 2018.
  • University, Parking, and Plant

Related tags

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