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Social media contact prefix
Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Mxdanger
Tagging: contact=*
Applies to: nodewayarearelation
Definition: Consolidates the social media contact prefix tagging scheme

Draft started: 2021-04-08
RFC start: 2022-04-01


This does NOT mark any of the prefixed social media, messengers, or web services keys as approved. This is a proposal that only deprecates social media, messengers, web services keys that are not prefixed under the contact:*=* namespace.


  1. Removes tag fragmentation by using the most used keys.
  2. There is an unnecessary existence of a parallel tagging scheme on only some of the social media contact methods, as listed in #Tagging.
  3. Without diving too deep into the benefits of the contact prefix, which has been discussed very thoroughly on other pages, having all contact information under one namespace simplifies the usage while preventing any contact methods from overlapping with any other tags for real world usage.
  4. Simplifies the usage for data consumers who would otherwise have to support both at the same time. On the other side this also gives data consumers with all the necessary data they need if they are unaware of some of the several non-prefixed versions that still exist.


Only the tags in the deprecated section will be modified.

Action Taginfo comparison
No change Deprecates Prefixed Non-prefixed
contact:facebook=* facebook=*
facebook (Q265)
contact:instagram=* instagram=*
instagram (Q7855)
contact:twitter=* twitter=*
twitter (Q797)
contact:whatsapp=* whatsapp=*
contact:telegram=* telegram=*

No change:

  • flickr=* - This tag is used for linking to a Flickr image.
  • contact:flickr=* - This tag should be used for contacting a Flickr user.


Features/Pages affected

  • Marks the following pages to state its deprecation:
  • Related OSM data items would be marked as deprecated if applicable.
  • To prevent confusion, links to the deprecated version of the tags would be removed in favor of the prefixed version.
    • Key:contact would remove mentions of the deprecated version of the tags.
    • Where applicable, any other pages that dual mention the prefixed version and the deprecated version would only mention the prefixed version.

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