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Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: cycling_zno
Tagging: man_made=cellar_entrance
Applies to: node
Definition: *

Rendered as: *
Draft started: 2014-12-18
RFC start: *
Vote start: *
Vote end: *


With man_made=cellar_entrance entrance into artificially created vaults will be marked. These vaults are in whole or at least partly below the earth's surface. Such cellars are created by human activity (they are man-made) in contrast to natural caves. There are various designs and types.

Cellars can be distinguished by use (wine cellar, beer cellar, basement, icehouse) or by the surrounding material (earth cellar or rock cellar).

Distinction on the nature

cellar:type=* is optional and the nature of such objects differs as follows:

cellar:type=rock For a rock basement.

cellar:type=earth For an ground/earth cellar.

cellar:type=brick For a brick cellar.

Distinction on the use

cellar:use=* is optional and the use of such objects differs as follows:

cellar:use=storage For a cellar, which is used for storage like beer or ice.

cellar:use=wine For a wine storage cellar.

cellar:use=mushroom For a fungalbreeding.

cellar:use=unknown The usage is unknown.

Beer cellars are sometimes coupled with a gastronomy. This should be denoted with amenity=restaurant or other appropriate, established tags.

Tags used in combination with this tag

access=no Access not allowed.

access=private Access private only.

disused=yes Cellar is disused.

ruins=yes Cellar is not useable anymore and a ruin.

direction=* Direction of view standing inside the entrance, looking out (the aspect of the entrance).

heritage=* Object is a heritage.

historic=* Object is a historic.

cave:ref=* Object is registered in a cave cadastre.


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