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Walking Bus Stop
Status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: LorenzoStucchi
Tagging: amenity=walkingbus_stop
Applies to: node
Definition: Stop point of walking school bus

Drafted on: 2018-05-04
RFC start: 2018-05-06
Example of a walking bus stop in Italy at Zanica (Italy). With some info about the line and the stop time
Walking bus stop.


The propose was to add the stop station for walking bus. The walking bus are increasing in a lot of city, more information about walking bus are on the Wikipedia page.


The tag could be very important for have a knowledge of this service in all the city in the world, like is possible to see how this service is spread all over the world in the site that group the diffusion all over the world. This could also be useful to approach new people to the use of OpenStreetMap, in particular family and child.


One example could be the city of Milan with is service that reach 57 primary school in the city, with 88 line and more than 600 children that use it. For every line there are more or less 4 stop for a total number of more than 350 stops only in Milan. There are some data about the result of the year 2015 on the site (in Italian) of the municipality of Milan.


The propose it's to add the stop of walking bus in a similar way like bus ones, with a similar combination of tags changing creating a new tag instend of tag : highway=bus_stop. After the discussion and according to the Public Transport v2 scheme, the tag should be used with the tag : public_transport=platform plus the new tag : walkingbus=yes, like for the version of PTv2 for bus and other public transport.

After the discussion about the fact that the walking school bus is not like a public transport the propose went to tag it like an amenity, in the subcategory transportation, like a stop for taxi ( tag : amenity=taxi ).

Adding also the recommended tag use for stops.

Tag Usage Description
amenity=walkingbus_stop  Important
name=* ? Optional
ref=* ? Optional
network=* ? Optional
operator=* ? Optional
shelter=* ? Optional 'yes' if the stop is protected from the rain by a shelter.

Applies to

It will applies to the node where there is a pole with the signal that describe the stop of the walking bus, like in the image above.


Could be use a icon similar to the bus station, but with a walking man like for pedestrian crossing

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