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Power supply
Proposal status: Canceled (inactive)
Proposed by: Discostu36
Tagging: amenity=power_supply
Applies to: node
Definition: A device that provides electrical power.

Draft started: 2019-06-22
RFC start: 2019-06-22


Onshore power supply

This tag meant for mapping all devices that provide electrical power. They are mostly built as a cabinet with different sockets. They can be found in many different contexts, for example as charging stations for electrical vehicles, at tourism=caravan_sites or as  shorepower at tourism=marinas (see below for more use cases).

This is an alternative to the already existing tags amenity=charging_station and amenity=device_charging_station. If this proposal is accepted, they could be marked as deprecated.


It is already possible to add the tag power_supply=* as a sub-tag to a POI. This can be used to add the information to an area that there is power supply available. But it can be useful to exactly know where the power supply is located, e.g. to find out if an extension cord is necessary. That is the reason this proposal came into being.

At first, this tag was only meant for power supply points at marinas, camp sites and caravan sites. But during the discussion it was made clear that there are overlaps with other tags such as amenity=charging_station that can't be solved (see discussion page). Therefore, it was decided to widen the scope of this proposal.

The idea is now to incorporate all places where electrical power can be obtained into one tag. This prevents difficult situations like how to tag a cabinet that can be used for more than one use case, e.g. power supply at a camping site that can also be used to charge an electric car.

While discussing this proposal, the overlap between power_supply=* and socket=* has been noted by some users. This problem is not part of this proposal. At the moment, socket=* is more widely used and has a better documentation. Therefore, it is recommended as a sub-key for amenity=power_supply.


Overall, there might be millions of objects worldwide that could be tagged with this. These are some examples:

  • Charging stations for electrical vehicles
  • Power supply at marinas
  • Power supply at camping sites
  • Charging of electronic devices (at public transpot locations, motorway service stations etc.)
  • Power supply next to railroad tracks
  • Ground power for aircraft.
  • Street power bollards
  • and much more


amenity=* is the right key, because these are useful and important facilities to a wider range of people. Power_supply is short enough while clearly communicating what this place is about. It is already an established term used in the tags power_supply=* and railway=power_supply.

These tags can be used for covering the different use cases:

  • power_supply=yes - Power supply for a longer period of time (e.g. caravan sites, camp sites, marinas)
  • charging_station=yes - Charging of electric vehicles is possible
  • device_charging=yes - Charging of smaller devices (like smartphones) is possible

These use cases have their own key and should therefore be tagged accordingly (in addition to amentiy=power_supply):

These already established tags can be useful in combination:

  • access=* - Who can use this device?
  • socket=* - What kind of sockets can be found here? What is the voltage and maximal current?
  • operator=* - If not already clear because of the location: Who is the operator of this object?
  • ref=* - What is the reference number (if any)?
  • capacity=* - How many sockets are available?
  • fee=* - Does a fee have to be paid?
  • payment=* - How can I pay for it?
  • manufacturer=* - Who built this device (might be printed onto the column)?


Bord BPR E25.jpg

A plug or socket could be used as icon at very high zoom levels.

Applies to

This should only be used on nodes because the objects are generally not larger than about 1×1 meters.

Features/Pages affected

This is an alternative to the tags amenity=charging_station and amenity=device_charging_station. These tags, that were never voted upon in a proposal process, might be marked as deprecated in case of this proposal being accepted.

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