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This page shows how to divide streets and their junctions in separate area:highway elements.


An exampe of possible x-junction:


Dividing of simple crossings without pedestrian ways marked on the street surface



Gabled crossings



Turning circles and dead ends

Simple turning circle. The turning area is drawn as separate area:highway=turning_circle area.


Street with dead end. The street highway=* and area:highway=* have the same last point: noexit=yes MarekCrossingNoExit.jpg

Rendering of lanes

Please note: the idea of lane rendering is recently nowhere realized.

The standard areas which should be rendered with the number of lanes are: area:highway=* and area:highway=* with junction=y_junction.

area:highway=* with junction=yes or junction=roundabout does not include rendering of lanes

Example of behaviour of rendering of areas with junction=y_junction tag:


Result after rendering:


The street of higher cathegory, which has two common k points with the area:higway is used to render continuously the number of lanes. The street with lower or the same cathegory but with only one common point k with the area:higway=* wil be ignored in rendering process:


Result after Rendering:


More complex crossings





Motorway and crossings with more levels

In case of more overlapped levels every area:highway should be drawn and get additionally tag layer=*.


Note: In this case: all polygons have area:highway=* (probably motorway, motorway_link or trunk), this one with orange J's have additionally junction=* tag, blue colored polygons gets additionally tag: layer=1.

Border of service roads

It is not necessary to draw an junction area in case of: service roads, footways, cycleways trucks and generic roads.


Parallel ways

Due to the recent approach not physical street dividers are ignored.

For instance:


This mapping makes advanced lane rendering impossible.

For right rendering we should divide this street in three areas:


We need also two separate oneways:


The result could be rendered similar to this mockup:


If the lanes and turn:lanes attributation exist, the lanes and turn restrictions can be visualized.

Simple crossing example

There is an example, how to map a pretty simple crossing with a:h.
Satelite image:

OSM data before a:h mapping:
BeforeAH-w data.png

Crossing after a:h mapping using Style for visualisation of area:highway tags made by Domiss:

Crossing after a:h mapping with my own style:
a:h description:
AfterAH-Javnik-w desc.jpg

AfterAH-DomissStyle-w desc.jpg

Crossing from here.

Rendering interpretation of the tag direction

For tag area:highway=emergency:


For tag highway=footway with footway=crossing:


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