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Position of bicycle parking facilities
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Supaplex030 with OSM Berlin Verkehrswende Group
Tagging: bicycle_parking:position=*
Applies to: node, way, area
Definition: Specifies where exactly in the street space a bicycle parking facility is located, for example on the sidewalk, on the carriageway or on a grass verge.

Draft started: 2021-04-15


Bicycle stands on the lane (bicycle_parking:position=lane). In this case the bicycle stands serve to park bicycles without interfering with the pedestrian traffic and to improve the visual relationship in the intersection area between crossing pedestrians and vehicles on the road.

This key describes the location of a bicycle parking facility, for example on the sidewalk, on the street lane or on a grass verge. It makes a distinction between different traffic areas/spaces/zones in which a bicycle parking facility can be located. This allows special evaluations of the allocation of public and private space.

The intention of this tag is not to describe the accessibility of infrastructures. Therefore see access=* or bike_ride=*, that indicates in particular a bicycle parking lot near a public transport stop.

The key name and values follow a similar key fire_hydrant:position=* which is approved since 2013.

Usage of bicycle_parking:position=*:


Add bicycle_parking:position=* to describe the position of a bicycle parking lot to any OSM object with the tag amenity=bicycle_parking.

The following categories are recommended as values for this key. Pick the most specific value from the list of recommended values and fall back to a more general values if nothing fits well.

Describe the position on public space:

Describe the position on (private) properties:

Note: Use access=* to describe the accessibility of a bicycle parking stand. In particular access=private if the bicycle stand is not freely accessible or access=customers, if it's only for customers of a specific facility or access=permissive if it is freely accessible but belongs to a private property.


work in progress

External discussions

This tagging was discussed, developed and field-tested in Berlin as part of the activities of the local Berlin Verkehrswende Group, a local group of the Berlin OSM community focussed on the topic of transportation, traffic and mobility.


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