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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: ivom
Tagging: cycleway:surface=*
Applies to: way
Definition: Defines the type of pavement on a separate cycleway or for a cycleway embedded on a highway=*.

Drafted on: 2009-09-10
RFC start: *
Vote start: *
Vote end: *


This tag is to be used to tag the surface of a cycleway specifically. Very often cycleways are tied to another type of highway and the surface of both may vary wildly for various reasons. This way it is possible to differentiate between the main road and the cycleways surface types without the need to split the way into adject ways.

Note: This tag implies the availability of highway=* and ( cycleway=lane or cycleway=track ) on the way this tag is placed on.

It is to be decided still if this tag is relevant or strictly forbidden in the case highway=cycleway. Maybe it is then beter to use surface=*?


The tag defines the type of pavement of a separate cycleway or cycleway embedded on a highway=*. Possible values follow the existing values for surface=*


The use of this tag can be observed on [the following site]

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