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Industrial areas
Proposal status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: pnorman
Tagging: industrial, factory=*
Applies to: node, area
Definition: More detailed tagging for industrial areas

Drafted on: 2012-03-10

An industrial location is often more than just the building. The yards often form an integral part of the operations and it is often more appropriate to draw a way around the entire site with landuse=industrial industrial=* and then tag the buildings in the site with building=* (e.g. building=warehouse). It is preferable to using overly specific landuse values (like landuse=mine, landuse=port) as it makes easier to process and interpret data at the same time allowing for more specific tagging and processing of data.

Tagging as area is always preferable but tagging as nodes may be temporarily used (and changed into tagging into areas as soon as possible).


Tag Element Comments
industrial=factory node area A place where manufacturing takes place, not otherwise specified
industrial=machine_shop node area A place where a variety of parts are machined for different companies. If the shop focuses on a particular process use machine_shop=*, e.g. machine_shop=waterjet
industrial=sawmill node area A place where logs are turned into wood products including lumber and plywood
industrial=ice_factory node area A place where ice are made and sold (e.g. to fishing boat).
industrial=oil_mill node area A mill designed to crush or bruise oil-bearing seeds, such as linseed or peanuts, or other oil-rich vegetable material).
industrial=grinding_mill node area A mill is a device that breaks solid materials into smaller pieces by grinding, crushing, or cutting. The aftermath is powdered product, not liquid extract like oil mill).
industrial=warehouse node area A place where goods are stored and shipped from but not manufactured
industrial=mobile_equipment node area A place where mobile_equipment of some kind is sold or rented
industrial=distributor node area A distributor for some product. Does not generally sell to the public
industrial=mine node area
industrial=wellsite node area
industrial=port node area Port area handling commercial traffic. Alternative to Tag:landuse=port and seaway=port.


Tag Element Comments
factory=food node area A factory where food is manufactured. If the focus is on retail sales to consumers, see shop=bakery
factory=mobile_equipment node area A place where mobile equipment like bulldozers, graders, skidders and log loaders are manufactured. For places where they are not manufactured but are sold or rented see industrial=mobile_equipment