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showground (2)
Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Popball
Tagging: amenity=event_ground
Applies to: node, area
Definition: an open area maintained for hosting outdoor events including fairs and festivals

Draft started: 2023-02-06
RFC start: 2023-02-10



This proposal proposes to use amenity=event_ground to describe open areas (typically grassy or gravel) which are maintained to be used for outdoor events. Typically tents, stalls and attractions are set up on these areas. The event ground should be recognizable year-round. It has much fewer facilities than amenity=exhibition_centre which often fulfills a similar purpose.

Deprecated Features

Several competing schemes have been used to tag these facilities in the past. These will be deprecated by this proposal. These are:


Showgrounds are rather common features, and current tagging has lead to inconsistent tagging of these features.

These features have been tagged with:

The function of these are somewhat similar to that of amenity=exhibition_centre, but it has far fewer facilities.


An area around the facility with the tag amenity=event_ground. These features will also usually have a name=* The type of event ground can be tagged with the following subtags:

More built-up facilities with (more than just a field to host tents and minimal facilies) should usually be tagged with something else:

Regional Considerations

  • Most German "Festplätze" meet the definition of this proposal.
  • Many (but not all) American "fairgrounds" match the definition. (Some fairgrounds are more sports oriented, and thus should be tagged with leisure=sports_centre. Others are proper exhibition centers with permanent exhibition halls and thus are amenity=exhibition_centre`.)


Royal Norfolk Showground

Showground 4, Royal Norfolk Show 29-06-2011.jpg

This facility is primarily a large grassy field for setting up tents for an agricultural show. It is therefore amenity=event_ground + event_ground=showground.


005 Theresienwiese.jpg

The famous Oktoberfest grounds are primarily an open field for setting up event tents, and therefore fits the definition of amenity=event_ground + event_ground=festival_ground.

Waukesha County Fairgrounds

Waukesha fairgrounds.png

This American fairground has some permanent facilities, but the primary focus is providing open space outside for events, and therefore fits amenity=event_ground + event_ground=showground


Perhaps similar to a park/recreation ground (given these areas are often grassy in temperate climates).

Features/Pages affected

Create new pages for amenity=event_ground and event_ground=*

Add deprecation notices to the following pages:

On the page for the new feature amenity=showground we will include the following under "possible tagging mistakes":

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