Proposal:Sport=four square

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Four square
Proposal status: Proposed (under way)
Proposed by: Mwoehlke
Tagging: sport=four_square
Applies to: node area
Definition: Identifies a leisure=pitch which has markings for four square

Draft started: 2020-07-22
RFC start: 2020-07-23


I propose to add a value to tag four square pitches.

We may also wish to consider courts=* or similar for this and possibly for all pitches.


There are almost 400 such pitches already tagged (some with alternate spellings or in combination with other sports). An accepted standard would help OSM editors to discover this type of pitch and should help with consistency.

sport=four_square was chosen because it has almost ten times as many uses as sport=foursquare, but the latter would also be acceptable.


way 828950465


Same as other values for sport=*.

Applies to

Nodes node or areas area.


A specific POI icon could be added, but rendering as a generic leisure=pitch is acceptable.

Features/Pages affected

sport=* and leisure=pitch will need to be updated. Optimally, someone could provide an example for the examples section under leisure=pitch, but there are already omissions in that set.


Please comment on the discussion page.