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Advise the author of the script when a translation is complete.


#QATs dialog
qat_dialog_title = Quality Assurance Tools
download_dialog_title = Downloading and reading errors

#Download tab
Download = Download
download_tab = Select one or more checks and download their errors
Select_a_quality_assurance_tool = Select a quality assurance_tool
Select_a_category_of_error = Select a category of error
Check = Check
Errors = Errors
favAreaIndicator_tooltip = Active favourite area: {0}
to_do = To do:
No_errors_in_favourite_area. = No errors in favourite area.
No_errors_in_current_area. = No errors in current area.
error. = error.
errors. = errors.
Favourite_area_is_on = Favourite area is on
All_errors_reviewed. = All errors reviewed.

#  buttons
Download_errors_in_this_area = Download errors in this area
Start_fixing_the_selected_errors = Start fixing the selected errors

#Fix tab
Fix = Fix
fix_tab = Fix the selected errors, one by one
editing = Editing:

#  buttons
open_error_info_dialog = Show information about the current error
flag_false_positive = Flag as not an error
Skip_and_don't_show_me_this_error_again = Go to next and don't show me this error again
flag_corrected_error = Flag the error as corrected
Go_to_next_error = Go to next error

#Error info dialog
error_info_title = Error information
error_info_intro = You may copy these information about the selected error to inform the user who last edited the object and possibly made this error.
Last_user = Last user:
User_name = Name:
Changesets = Changesets:
Mapper_since = Mapper since:
Error_info = Error info:
Error_reported_by_the_tool = Error reported by the tool
Send_a_message = Send a message
Type_of_error = Type of error
Error_help = Error help
Error_link = Link
Description = Description
OSM_objects = OSM objects
OSM_changeset = OSM changeset

#Various messages
flagging_a_false_positive = Flagging a false positive
false_positive_confirmation = Do you really want to tell {0} that this is not an error?\n
manual_false_positive_confirmation = {0} does not support automatic report of false positives.\n If you want, I will store info about this error in "QA Tools"  --> "False positive..." so that you can report them manually to the tool administrators.
yes_do_not_ask_the_next_time = Yes, don't ask me the next time
Yes = Yes
No = No

#Updates dialog
updates_warning = You are using {0} while {1} is the latest version available.
dev_updates_warning = Development version.\nYou are using {0} while {1} is the latest version available.
Visit_Wiki = Visit Wiki
Visit_git = Visit Git repo
Do_not_check_for_updates = Do not check for updates
updates_available = Updates available

#Checks popup
Add_to_favourites = Add to favourites
Remove_from_favourites = Remove from favourites
check_help = Help

#Download and read dialog
downloading_and_reading_errors = Download and read errors.
cancel = Cancel
connection_not_working = Internet connection is not working
Downloading... = Downloading...
Parsing... = Parsing...

False_positives... = False positives...
Preferences... = Preferences...
About... = About...

#False positive dialog
false_positives_title = False positives
manual_false_positives_info = <html>You can copy (Ctrl + C) these info and send them to the maintainers of tools that does not support automatic report of false positives.</html>
Tool = Tool
Error_id = Error id
OSM_id = OSM id

#Warning for not rectangular favourite area and tools with limited number of downloadable errors
favourite_area_errors_warning = This is the first time you use a favourite area with the shape of a polygon or boundaries.<br><br>KeepRight and Osmose limit the number of errors that can be downloaded to 10000 and 500 respectively. In some cases, depending on the favourite area shape, this may prevent the download of all the errors inside the area (more info on the Wiki).<br><br>If you want to be sure to download all the errors in this area, use a rectangular favourite area or download the errors again with the favourite area turned off.

#Preferences dialog
preferences_title = Preferences
# 1° tab
tab_1_title = General
updateCBtn = Check for update when script starts.
updateCBtn_tooltip = Privacy: the script author does not know if or when a user checks for updates
enable_disable_tools = Enable/disable tools
JOSM_restart_warning = JOSM must be restarted for these changes to be effective.
tools_disabled_warning = At least one QA tool should be enabled.
tools_disabled_warning_title = All tools disabled

#check for updates
updatesBtn = Check updates
updatesBtn_tooltip = Check for updates
using_latest = You are already using the latest version.
update_tools_question = The script is already updated but the QA tools can be updated.\nDo you want to update them now?
dev_update_tools_question = Development version.\nThe script is already updated but the QA tools can be updated.\nDo you want to update them now?
download_tools_updates = Download tools updates
checking_for_updates = Checking for updates...
downloading_tools_data = Downloading tools data...
downloading_tools_list = Downloading tools list...
i_cannot_download_the_tool_files = I cannot download the tool file.
tools_updated = Tools data has been updated.\nPlease, restart JOSM to apply changes.
tools_not_downloaded_warning = I could not download the tools data.
tools_not_downloaded_warning_title = Tools data not downloaded
extracting_jar_files = Extracting data from JAR files...
tools_not_correctly_updated = Tools not correctly updated.

errors_layers_manager = Errors layers managing.
errors_layers_info = When new errors are downloaded...
hide_other_layers = hide other errors
remove_other_layers = remove other errors
hide_layers_with_the_same_name = hide errors of the same kind
remove_layers_with_the_same_name = remove errors of the same kind

max_errors_number = Max number of error shown
maxErrorsNumberTextField_tooltip = Maximum number of errors that should be shown per error kind.

# 2° tab, favourite zones
tab_2_title = Favourite area
activate_fav_area = Activate the favourite area.
activate_fav_area_tooltip = By activating the favourite area, the script will always download only errors from this area.
Type = Type
Name = Name
Remove = Remove
remove_tooltip = Remove the selected favourite zones
New = New
new_tooltip = Create a new favourite zone
fav_zones_info = <HTML><i>Configure the favourite zones. See the <a href="https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Quality_Assurance_Tools_script#Favourite_area">Wiki</a></i> for help and pre-built zones.</HTML>
view_fav_area = View
view_fav_area_tooltip = View the current favourite area on a map

#New favourite zone dialog
Create_a_new_favourite_zone = Create a new favourite zone.
missing_name_warning = Please, give a name to the new zone.
missing_name_warning_title = Zone without name
Warning = Warning
duplicate_name_warning = A zone with this name already exists. Please, choose a new name.
duplicate_name_warning_title = Duplicate zone name
zone_not_correctly_build_warning = New zone not correctly build. Try to configure it again.
zone_not_correctly_build_warning_title = Zone not correctly build

fav_zone_name = Name:
fav_zone_name_tooltip = Name of the zone
fav_zone_country = Country code (optional):
fav_zone_country_tooltip = Country code of the zone
fav_zone_type = Type:
rectangle = rectangle
delimited_by_a_closed_way = delimited by a closed way, drawn by hand
delimited_by_an_administrative_boundary = administrative boundary
Preview_zone = Preview
preview_zone_tooltip = View the new zone on a map
New_zone = New zone

# rectangular zone
capture_area = capture area from JOSM:
get_current_area = Get
get_capture_area_tooltip = Use coordinates of the rectangular area currently visible in JOSM
use_this_bbox = use this bounding box:
fav_bbox_tooltip = Enter a bbox: minlon,minlat,maxlon,maxlat (eg. 12.363,41.787,12.628,41.992)
coordinates = New zone's coordinates:

# polygonal zone
polygon_info = Click "Create editing layer", create the favourite zone by drawing one or more closed ways and click "OK".
create_fav_layer = Create editing layer
create_fav_layer_tooltip = Create a new layer with name "Favourite area editing" where one or more closed ways must be drawn
draw_one_way_msg = Please, draw at least one closed way.

# boundary zone
boundary_info = Enter the tags of the administrative boundary, click on "Download boundaries",<br>edit the shape as you like and click "OK".  Holes (inner ways) will not be considered.
adminLevel_tooltip = 2 national, 3 - 10 subnational
other_tag = other tag (optional)
download_boundary = Download boundaries
download_boundary_tooltip = The boundaries (with role "outer") of the administrative area will be downloaded
enter_a_tag_msg = Please, enter at least one value or tag.

#Various messages
polygon_fav_layer_missing_msg = Please, click on "Create editing layer"
boundary_fav_layer_missing_msg = Please, enter some tag click on "Download boundaries".
fav_area_correctly_configured_msg = Favourite area correctly configured
empty_ways_polygon_msg = Please, draw a closed way on "Favourite area editing" layer.
empty_ways_boundaries_msg = Please, download some boundaries. If no data where downloaded check the tags.

#Tools options tab
tab_3_title = Tools preferences
osmose_pref_username = User name:
osmose_pref_username_tooltip = Download only errors on objects touched by this user
osmose_pref_level = Severity:
osmose_pref_level_tooltip = Download only errors of this severity
osmose_pref_limit = Limit:
osmose_pref_limit_tooltip = Maximum number of error to download (<= 500)

save_preferences = Save preferences and exit

#About dialog
about_title = About
about_wiki_page = Wiki page

Favourites = Favourites

#Local file
Local_file = Local file
Open_GPX = Open GPX...
Open_a_GPX_file = Open a GPX file
View = View