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Вид продаваемого топлива Edit or translate this description.
Используется на элементах
точки можно отмечать этим тегомлинии не принято отмечать этим тегомполигоны можно отмечать этим тегомотношения не принято отмечать этим тегом
Полезные сочетания
Статус: в использовании

Как отмечать

Этот ключ используется для определения видов топлива, продающихся на автозаправочной станции (АЗС) amenity=fuel

Виды топлива

Энергоноситель Тег Описание
BBQ amenity=bbq
Wood fuel=wood Wood as a heat source
Electric fuel=electric Electric as a heat source
Charcoal fuel=charcoal Charcoal as a heat source
Дизтопливо fuel:diesel=* Called "nafta" in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay and "bencina" in Chile.
GTL diesel fuel:GTL_diesel=yes High quality partly synthetic diesel 'Gas To Liquid': "ultimate diesel", "V-Power diesel", etc.
HGV diesel fuel:HGV_diesel=yes High output pumps with a bigger nozzle that won't fit a motorcar tank
Bio diesel fuel:biodiesel=yes
Untaxed diesel fuel:taxfree_diesel=yes Diesel fuel with few or no taxes, typically for agricultural, construction, or other off-road use. May be known by names such as agricultural diesel, off-road fuel, red diesel (from the dye used to mark it as untaxed), etc.
80-й бензин fuel:octane_80=yes
Octane 85 fuel:octane_85=yes
Octane 87 fuel:octane_87=yes Called "Magna" at Mexico
Octane 89 fuel:octane_89=yes
91-й бензин fuel:octane_91=yes
92-й бензин fuel:octane_92=yes
Octane 93 fuel:octane_93=yes
95-й бензин fuel:octane_95=yes it:"Benzina Verde"
98-й бензин fuel:octane_98=yes Also advertised as "Ultimate Super" (BP), etc.
100-й бензин fuel:octane_100=yes Also advertised as "MaxxMotion Super 100plus" (OMV), etc.
1:25 fuel:1_25=yes
1:50 fuel:1_50=yes
Газ и газовые смеси
Этанол fuel:ethanol=yes =fuel:alcohol=yes
Метанол fuel:methanol=yes
SVO fuel:svo=yes Straight vegetable oil; de:Pflanzenöl/POEL/PÖL
E10 fuel:e10=yes DE: Super Benzin mit 10% Bioethanol
E20 fuel:e20=yes 20% ethanol content gasoline mix. Often referred to as Gasohol E20.
E85 fuel:e85=yes 85% ethanol/15% gasoline for flexi-fuel cars in USA and Europe. Popular in Sweden.
Biogas fuel:biogas=yes "SunGas(r)"
Пропан-бутан fuel:lpg=yes de:Autogas, fr:GPL, Propane, it:GPL
Природный газ, "CNG" (иногда просто "Метан") fuel:cng=yes de:Erdgas, pt-BR:GNV, it:Metano
Жидкий водород fuel:LH2=yes Liquid H2
Gaseous hydrogen fuel:h35=yes gaseous H2 35 MPa
Gaseous hydrogen fuel:h70=yes gaseous H2 70 MPa
Aviation Fuel at aeroway=fuel
91UL (clear) fuel:91UL=yes 91 octane unleaded aviation gas
100LL (blue) fuel:100LL=yes 100 octane leaded aviation gas
autogas fuel:autogas=yes Ethanol free unleaded gas suitable for cars or planes
Jet A-1 fuel:JetA1=yes Jet A-1 fuel for gas-turbine and diesel powered planes
Электричество amenity=charging_station
Car recharge sign in Reykyavik
AdBlue/AUS32 fuel:adblue=yes 32.5% aqueous urea solution, widely known as AdBlue®. Used by modern trucks and some motorcars. pt-BR: ARLA 32

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