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販売・利用される燃料の種類 Show/edit corresponding data item.
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以下のタグを amenity=fuel, railway=fuel, waterway=fuel, aeroway=fuel に追加し、その場所でどの燃料が販売されているかを示してください。使われているオクタン価の評価システムは、  RON システムです。

このタグは、バーベキュー場 amenity=bbqman_made=kiln の設備の燃料を記述するためにも利用します。

種類 タグ 注釈 Taginfo
BBQ amenity=bbq
fuel=wood 熱源として薪を使う
電気 fuel=electric 熱源として電気を使う
Gas fuel=gas Gas as a heat source
石炭 fuel=charcoal 熱源として石炭を使う
Heating oil fuel:heating_oil=yes Heating oil is any petroleum product or other oil used for heating.
ディーゼル fuel:diesel=yes ディーゼル燃料
GTL ディーゼル fuel:GTL_diesel=yes 高品質な部分合成ディーゼルの「液化ガス」、 "ultimate diesel", "V-Power diesel", など
HGV ディーゼル fuel:HGV_diesel=yes 普通自動車のタンクに合わない高出力ポンプと大きいノズルによる給油
バイオディーゼル fuel:biodiesel=yes
Cold weather diesel fuel:diesel:class2=yes [ dubious ] Diesel for colder weather climates (with a threshold filtration temperature of −32 °C), on the EU EN590 scale. Can be branded as "winter diesel", "Arctic diesel", "diesel −32 °C", etc., depending on the location. Class 2 appears to be the most widely sold variety in Scandinavia and the EEU, however you can replace the "2" in fuel:diesel:class2=yes with 0 (to describe diesel with a threshold filtration temperature down to −20 °C); 1 (−26 °C); 3 (−38 °C) and 4 (−44 °C).

Note that there is a separate threshold for milder, "winter" diesel (A–F, +5 to −20 °C) not covered by this tag, however similar syntax could be used

Untaxed diesel fuel:taxfree_diesel=yes Diesel fuel with few or no taxes, typically for agricultural, construction, or other off-road use. May be known by names such as agricultural diesel, off-road fuel, red diesel (from the dye used to mark it as untaxed), etc.
オクタン価80 fuel:octane_80=yes
Octane 85 fuel:octane_85=yes
Octane 86 fuel:octane_86=yes
オクタン価87 fuel:octane_87=yes メキシコで "Magna" と呼ばれています
Octane 88 fuel:octane_88=yes
Octane 89 fuel:octane_89=yes
Octane 90 fuel:octane_90=yes
オクタン価91 fuel:octane_91=yes 日本: レギュラーガソリン
オクタン価92 fuel:octane_92=yes
Octane 93 fuel:octane_93=yes
オクタン価95 fuel:octane_95=yes it:"Benzina Verde"
Octane 97 fuel:octane_97=yes Found in Malaysia and Chile.
オクタン価98 fuel:octane_98=yes 日本: ハイオクガソリン
オクタン価100 fuel:octane_100=yes Also advertised as "MaxxMotion Super 100plus" (OMV), etc.
1:25 fuel:1_25=yes
1:50 fuel:1_50=yes
エタノール fuel:ethanol=yes =fuel:alcohol=yes
エタノール (E0) fuel:ethanol_free=yes =fuel:e0=yes

Ethanol-free gasoline suitable for cars, boats, or small engines

メタノール fuel:methanol=yes
SVO fuel:svo=yes 植物油
E5 fuel:e5=yes European designation of fuel with 5% or less ethanol.
E10 fuel:e10=yes DE: Super Benzin mit 10% Bioethanol
E20 fuel:e20=yes 20%のエタノールを混合したガソリン。よく Gasohol E20 と呼ばれます。
E85 fuel:e85=yes アメリカやヨーロッパのフレックス燃料車で使えるエタノール85%、ガソリン15%の燃料。スウェーデンで有名です。
バイオガス fuel:biogas=yes "SunGas(r)". Also known as compressed biogas (CBG). It is primarily methane and produced from waste (municipal, green, food, etc.).
LPG fuel:lpg=yes Liquefied Petroleum Gas, liquid mixture 40% (summer) to 60% (winter) propane and balance butane. Other local names: de:Autogas, fr:GPL, Propane, it:GPL. In case of 95% propane and 5% Butan please add fuel:propane=yes
CNG (圧縮天然ガス) fuel:cng=yes Mainly methane compressed to 200–248 bars. A fossil gas. Other local names: de:Erdgas, pt-BR:GNV, it:Metano
LNG (liquefied natural gas) fuel:lng=yes LNG, GNL: much less common than LPG and CNG, but used in some places. Mostly methane content
Propane fuel:propane=yes Liquefied Petroleum Gas, liquid mixture 95% propane and balance butane as required for recreation vehicle appliances.
液化水素 fuel:LH2=yes Liquid H2
Gaseous hydrogen fuel:h35=yes Gaseous H2 35 MPa
Gaseous hydrogen fuel:h70=yes Gaseous H2 70 MPa
aeroway=fuel における航空燃料
91UL (clear) fuel:91UL=yes オクタン価91の無鉛航空燃料
100LL (blue) fuel:100LL=yes オクタン価100の有鉛航空燃料
autogas fuel:autogas=yes 自動車や航空機で使えるエタノールフリーの無鉛燃料
Jet A-1 fuel:JetA1=yes ガスタービンやディーゼル航空機のジェット A-1 燃料
Coal fuel:coal=yes
Anthracite fuel:anthracite=yes Special form of coal.
Coke fuel:coke=yes Coke from coal
Coal briquette fuel:coal_briquette=yes Pressed or cut coal block
Lignite fuel:lignite=yes Lignite, often referred to as brown coal, is a soft, brown, combustible, sedimentary rock formed from naturally compressed peat.
Bituminous coal fuel:lignite_briquette=yes Briquettes formed from lignite
fuel:firewood=yes 熱源として薪を使う
Wood pellets fuel:wood_pellets=yes Wood in pellet form
Wood briquette fuel:wood_briquette=* Wood in briquette form
石炭 fuel:charcoal=yes 熱源として石炭を使う
AdBlue® / AUS32 fuel:adblue=yes 32.5% の水溶性尿素の製品で、 AdBlue® と呼ばれています。最近のトラックや一部の自動車に使われています。
AdBlue/AUS32 sold in canisters fuel:adblue:canister=yes Use for places where there is no AdBlue pump, but rather AdBlue is sold in canisters/other packaging, requiring manual handling and filling - this might not be suitable/convenient for some vehicles. May be used for refilling both HGVs and motorcars.
Engine oil fuel:engine_oil=yes Any one of various substances used for the lubrication of internal combustion engines
Gear oil fuel:gear_oil=yes Gear oil is a lubricant made specifically for transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials in automobiles, trucks, and other machinery. It is of a high viscosity and usually contains organosulfur compounds.

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