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Описание типа башни по назначению Edit or translate this description.
Группа: Сооружения
Используется на элементах
точки можно отмечать этим тегомлинии не принято отмечать этим тегомполигоны можно отмечать этим тегомотношения не принято отмечать этим тегом
Задокументировано значений: 17
Необходимы теги


Статус: в использовании

Тип башни, указываемый с man_made=tower или man_made=mast


Key Value Comment Rendering Photo
Masts (man_made=mast)
tower:type communication Communication mast
Mast communications.svg
Mobile phone base station 2010 12 30 165211 PC304165.jpg
tower:type lighting Poles for lighting
Mast lighting.svg
Rosenaustadion Flutlicht Lampen.JPG
tower:type popinjay Pole archery
Staande wip.JPG
Towers (man_made=tower)
tower:type communication Communication towers
Tower cantilever communication.svg
Greifswald Funkturm Hans-Beimler-Straße July-2010 SL274692.JPG
tower:type communication Lattice communication towers
+ tower:construction=lattice
Tower lattice communication.svg
Torii-Tower 7810.jpg
tower:type  radar Radar tower
Radar tower airport Frankfurt - Radarturm Flughafen Frankfurt - 02.jpg
tower:type observation Observation tower
Tower observation.svg
Prochenberg Aussichtsturm.jpg
tower:type watchtower Watch Tower
Tower observation.svg
tower:type bell_tower Bell tower
Tower bell tower.svg
Bell tower. View from north.jpg
tower:type minaret Minaret
New Minner of masjid.JPG
tower:type defensive Fortified defensive tower
Tower defensive.svg
Ravensburg Hirschgraben Wehrturm.jpg
tower:type cooling Cooling tower
Tower cooling.svg
Cooling Towers.jpg
tower:type user defined Any other type of a tower.
Tower freestanding.svg
A huge tower for transmitting radio applications (man_made=communications_tower)
man_made communications_tower Communication towers
Communication tower-14.svg
Berliner Fernsehturm - von süden 1.jpg

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Тип башни, указываемый с power=tower

Этот тег описывает функциональный тип или роль передающих башень, таких, как якорная башня. Пожалуйста помните, что тег tower:type=* имеет другие значения при использовании в сочетании с man_made=tower.

To resolve this Proposed features/Lines clamps is being worked out.

Picture Key Value Description
Elbekreuzung 2 traversen crop.jpg
tower:type suspension A tower which supports the conductors vertically using suspension insulators. This is the default type and need not be tagged. However it may be useful to tag a suspension tower if it is used as an angle tower (an anchor tower would normally be expected here)
tower:type anchor A tower where conductor sections terminate at strain insulators. It is normally built stronger than suspension towers. Mostly used as angle tower when the line changes direction.
tower:type termination A tower with strain insulators used at the end of a line, for example at a substation or at the transition to an underground cable (add location:transition=yes). Designed to resist the full one-sided tension of the conductors.
Branch tower
tower:type branch A line branch starts at this tower. If the branch line is a cable then add location:transition=yes. The branching can take different forms which can be indicated by the following tags.
  • branch:type=tap The conductors of the branching circuit(s) are electrically connected to the 'through' circuit(s).
  • branch:type=split The circuits arriving at this tower continue in different directions.
  • branch:type=loop A circuit departs in the branch direction and another circuit arrives from the same direction to continue in the 'through' direction. Typically used for 'looping' one circuit into a nearby substation.
  • branch:type=cross Two otherwise unrelated power lines intersect here and use this tower as a common support.
Verdrillmast Oberwoehr
tower:type transposing A tower in which the conductors exchange positions in order to balance the capacitance and impedance of the conductors.
Bosphorus Crossing
tower:type crossing A special tower used at river crossings etc where a very long span or a large clearance is required. These towers may be very tall and are therefore significant landmarks.
uProposed features/Lines clampspright
location:transition yes This attribute denotes that one or more circuits transition to an underground cable in this tower. The cable terminals are located in the tower itself (no fenced area on the ground). The key location:transition=* replaces the values tower=transition and tower=air_to_ground which should no longer be used.
For fenced transition stations with cable terminals on the ground use power=substation and substation=transition

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