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Proposal status: Canceled (inactive)
Proposed by: Phispi
Tagging: type=sled
Applies to: relation
Definition: Used for a set of tags and members marking sled run.

Draft started: 2010-12-11
RFC start: 2022-12-10


A sled run (German "Rodelbahn") is a street in the mountains (usually several km) that is used by people for winter sports by driving down with a sled (a hill where children play with sleds is not meant here). The existing and commonly used way tag piste:type=sled is used to tag such ways that are used for sledding in winter. However, several map features "belong together" when describing a sled run as a whole. There can be web addresses giving details about a sled, there are streets that are not used for sledding but for going uphill (to avoid using the sled run), huts that are open in winter, recommended parking locations and so on. A piste:type=sled relation, as proposed here can be used to describe the ways that build the sled run. There should be one and only one main sled run route described by one relation so that it can have a unique length, height difference, ... However, there may be ways tagged as "alternative".

Specifically, it is proposed to include those map features:

  • The sled run itself (normally tagged with highway=* and piste:type=sled)
  • Walkup ways or ways that are so flat that the sledding is not possible.
  • Huts
  • parking
  • bus stop or train/tram stop

One example can be found at relation 1315880. A (German) step-by-step guide on how to create a relation described by this proposal can be found at

The following pictures show sled runs:

Sledrun PatscherAlm.jpg Sledrun KematerAlm.jpg


Key Value Explanation
type sled indicates this Relation represents a sled run (the type is called "sled" and not "sled run" to be compatible with "piste:type").
name=name a name The sled is known by this name (e.g. "Birgitzer Alm", "Praxmar")
website=website an url More information about this sled run can be found at this URL (e.g. "")


Way or Node Role Recurrence? Discussion
way (blank)/sled one or more the ways making up the sled run. As the ways themselves are tagged as "piste:type=sled" the role "sled" is redundant and should only be used if tagging the way with "piste:type=sled" is not possible for some reason. The order is not important, however, it is recommended to start at the top of the sled and include all ways with descending altitude.
way alternative zero or more if there is an alternative to the sled (e.g. a way that makes the sled longer or an alternative route to go down the mountain), these ways (usually but not mandatory tagged with "piste:type:sled") can be given the role "alternative". Also parts of the sled that normally cannot be used as sled run and therefore are not tagged as "type:sled" (e.g. because they are so flat the it is only possible to use the sled here in special rare snow conditions) and that are not considered as sledable part of the sled run can be tagged with alternative.
way walk zero or more ways (usually not tagged with "piste:type=sled") that are used for walking up the mountain or that are not sledable but have to be used to walk up (e.g. very flat parts or parts that are used as normal street with cars) can be given the role "walk".
way (blank) zero or more cable cars or similar aids as an alternative to walk up (e.g. "aerialway=gondola", "aerialway=cable_car", "aerialway=chair_lift", ...).
node area (blank) zero or more restaurants ("amenity=restaurant") or ("tourism=alpine_hut") as node or area.
node area (blank) zero or more parking ("amenity=parking") as node or area.
node (blank) zero or more bus, train or tram stop ("highway=bus_stop", "railway=halt", "railway=station", ...).

Step by step guides

A (German) step-by-step guide about how to create a sled run relation with Merkaartor can be found at whereas a (German) step-by-step guide for JOSM can be found at


I did not find an already existing type in Types of relation that seems appropriate for that purpose. I have observed entries that (in my opinion misuse) use the name tag to "group" different ways belonging to the same sled run together, like here: where many ways have the name tag "Maria Waldrast (Rodelbahn)" although the ways themselves are not called "Maria Waldrast" and it also does not make sense to include meta information like "(Rodelbahn)" (=sled run) into the name tag (even worse this is only relevant in winter).

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