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Welcome to the page for Rottnest Island (relation 8145344), a island off the coast of Perth. This project page is a sub-project of the Western Australia OSM Project and is used to coordinate local mapping efforts and enhance collaboration in the area.

Useful Rottnest Island Links

Wadjemup Bidi (walking trails)

Name Legth Relation
Ngank Yira Bidi – Visit Bickley Battery 9.4km relation 6838122
Gabbi Karniny Bidi – Discover the Salt Lakes 9.7km relation 6838121
Wardan Nara Bidi – Relax on Salmon Bay 10km relation 6838120
Karlinyah Bidi – Experience the Northern Beaches 5.9km relation 8288696
Ngank Wen Bidi – Explore West End 7.6km


For upcoming events on Rottnest Island, see the Australian Mapping Community page.

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