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The tags defined on this page will render in various nautical charts.

This page defines values for the "seamark:building:function" and "seamark:building:shape" tags.

Type S100 seamark:type Definition
Building, single BUISGL building A relatively permanent structure, roofed and usually walled. It is designed for some particular use which it may be important to indicate.


Function (FUNCTN) seamark:building:function Definition Rendering
Harbour-master's office harbour_master The office of the local official who has charge of mooring and berthing of vessels, collecting harbour fees, etc.
Customs office customs An office which is charged with enforcing customs regulations.
Health office health The office which is charged with the administration of health laws and sanitary inspections.
Hospital hospital An institution or establishment providing medical or surgical treatment for the ill or wounded.
Post office post_office The public department, agency or organisation responsible primarily for the collection, transmission and distribution of mail.
Hotel hotel An establishment, especially of a comfortable or luxurious kind, where paying visitors are provided with accommodation, meals and other services.
Railway station railway_station A building with platforms where trains arrive, load, discharge and depart.
Police station police_station The office of the local police force.
Water-police station water-police_station the headquarters of a local water-police force.
Pilot office pilot_office The office or headquarters of pilots the place where the services of a pilot may be obtained.
Pilot lookout pilot_lookout a distinctive structure on shore from which personnel keep watch upon events at sea or along the coast.
Bank office bank An office for custody, deposit, loan, exchange or issue of money.
Headquarters for district control district_control The quarters of an executive officer (director, manager, etc.) with responsibility for an administrative area.
Transit shed/warehouse transit_shed A building or part of a building for storage of wares or goods.
Factory factory A building or buildings with equipment for manufacturing a workshop.
Power station power_station A stationary plant containing apparatus for large scale conversion of some form of energy (such as hydraulic, steam, chemical or nuclear energy) into electrical energy.
Administrative administrative A building for the management of affairs.
Educational facility educational A building concerned with education (e.g. school, college, university, etc.)
Church church A building for public Christian worship.
Chapel chapel A place for Christian worship other than a parish, cathedral or church, especially one attached to a private house or institution.
Temple temple A building for public Jewish worship.
Pagoda pagoda A Hindu or Buddhist temple or sacred building.
Shinto shrine shinto_shrine A building for public Shinto worship.
Buddhist temple buddhist_temple
Mosque mosque A Muslim place of worship.
Marabout marabout A shrine marking the burial place of a Muslim holy man.
Lookout lookout Keeping a watch upon events at sea or along the coast.
Communication communication Transmitting and/or receiving electronic communication signals.
Television television Broadcast of television signals.
Radio radio Broadcast of radio signals.
Radar radar a method, system or technique of using beamed, reflected, and timed radio waves for detecting, locating, or tracking objects, and for measuring altitudes.
Light support light_support Supporting a light
Microwave microwave Broadcasting and receiving signals using microwaves.
Cooling cooling Dissipating heat.
Observation observation A place from which the surroundings can be observed but at which a watch is not habitually maintained.
Time ball time_ball A visual time signal in form of a ball
Clock clock Visual time signal.
Control control Used to control the flow of air, rail, or marine traffic.
Airship mooring airship_mooring A facility to secure an airship.
Stadium stadium a large usually unroofed building with tiers of seats for spectators
Bus station bus_station A location at which buses arrive and from which they depart.


Building shape (BUISHP) seamark:building:shape Definition Rendering
High-rise building high-rise A building having many storeys.
Pyramid pyramid A polyhedron of which one face is a polygon of any number of sides, and the other faces are triangles with a common vertex.
Cylindrical cylindrical Shaped like a cylinder, which is a solid geometrical figure generated by straight lines fixed in direction and describing with one of its points a closed curve, especially a circle.
Spherical spherical Shaped like a sphere, which is a body the surface of which is at all points equidistant from the centre.
Cubic cubic A shape the sides of which are six equal squares a regular hexahedron.


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