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For routing purpose, the tag should be placed on the waterway.

This page defines tags for the attributes of gates.

Type S100 code seamark:type Definition Usage
Gate GATCON gate A structure that may be swung, drawn, or lowered to block an entrance or passageway. seamark:type=gate

This page defines values for the "seamark:gate:category" tags and other attributes applied to fog signals.


Category (CATGAT) seamark:gate:category Definition Example Usage
Gate in general general Non-specific gate seamark:gate:category=general
Flood barrage gate flood_barrage An opening gate used to control flood water. DEK Datteln Kanalsperrtor.jpg seamark:gate:category=flood_barrage
Caisson caisson A steel structure used for closing the entrance of locks, wet and dry docks. seamark:gate:category=caisson
Lock gate lock Lock gates are the massive hinged doors at each end of a lock. JesusGreenLock-Cambridge.jpg seamark:gate:category=lock
Dyke gate dyke An opening gate in a dyke. seamark:gate:category=dyke
Sluice sluice A sliding gate or other contrivance for changing the level of a body of water by controlling the flow into or out of it. seamark:gate:category=sluice

Other attributes

Attribute seamark:gate:<attribute> Value type Definition Usage
Horizontal clearance (HORCLW) clearance_width Decimal The width that is available for safe navigation. seamark:gate:clearance_width=*
Vertical clearance (VERCLR) clearance_height Decimal The vertical clearance measured from the surface plane towards the object overhead. seamark:gate:clearance_height=*

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