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Searching for the location of an object in the OSM database is useful for many purposes.

Besides rendering, searching is an important step towards routing. So this is about approaches to search OSM or to link it with the web.


See Geocoding.

DuckDuckGo shortcuts

 DuckDuckGo offers quite a few Bang operators for directly linking to an object, or forming search queries.

  • !osm, !OSt, !openstreet, !openstreet, !openstreetmap, !geouri searching as in
    • !OSMnode direct id
    • !OSMway direct id
    • !OSMrelation direct id
  • !osmfr OSM-Fr
  • !nominatim directly searching in Nominatim.
  • !taginfo for Taginfo
  • !OSMCha for OSMCha
  • !hdyc for How did you contribute?
  • !osmw, !wosm, !osmwiki this OSM wiki
  • !hosm OSM Help
  • !osmforum OSM Forum

The operators are not case sensitive.