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This page exists so we can try to organise transport links from and to the airports to the conference. Furthermore, you can team up to travel together from neighboring countries. Not sure how to travel there? See Getting there.

Vienna International Airport (VIE) Vienna International Airport (Wikipedia)


Monday 11th July

Tuesday 12th July

  • SK53 arrivnig from LHR at 10:55 on BA0696
  • Ilya Zverev (+1) arriving from LED at 19:15 on OS612

Wednesday 13th July

Thursday 14th July

  • Richard W arriving from AMS at 08:30 on KLM 1839
  • simon arriving from ZRH at 10:15 on HG 8151
  • Olaf arriving from DUS at 11:50 on LH 6354
  • Ojw arriving from LHR at 15:25 on EZ5357
  • Al Pascual arriving from LAX/LHR at 17:20 on UNITED 7695
  • Dennis Luxen arriving from FRA at 19:10 on LH 6925
  • Malcolm Herring arriving from LBA/AMS at 19:10 on KL1847
  • Tom Hughes arriving from LHR at 22:50 on OS 456

Friday 15 July


Sunday 17th July

Monday 18th July

  • simon departing to ZRH at 19:05 on HG 8252
  • Olaf departing to DUS at 20:00 on LH 3097
  • Malcolm Herring departing to AMS/LBA at 11:30 on KL 1840

Tuesday 19th July

Wednesday 20th July

Bratislava Airport (BTS) Bratislava Airport (Wikipedia)


Thursday 14th July


Tuesday 19th July

By Car

from Germany

  • I offer a ride from Nürnberg -- Markus
  • someone driving through east Germany? I hail from Leipzig - would be glad if someone could offer a ride. contact me. :)
  • Can someone offer a ride from Northern Germany? --Ant
  • (put date, place of departure and name here and if you can offer seats or if you are looking for a seat)

from Slovakia

  • (put date, place of departure and name here and if you can offer seats or if you are looking for a seat)

(put different countries here if needed)

By Train

  • nickw, coming from London staying overnight at Cologne. Wednesday: 1434 from St Pancras to Brussels (EST9138); 1825 Brussels to Cologne (ICE 19). Thursday: 1220 Cologne to Frankfurt (ICE 15); 1416 Frankfurt to Vienna (ICE 29); arrive 2126. This was EUR 88. Leaving for Salzburg sometime Monday via unknown train then hiking for a few days Tuesday to Friday in the Berchtesgaden area. Returning to UK from Salzburg on Sunday 24th.
  • Aleš Janda is coming on Friday by train EN 477 at 6:22 (Wien Westbahnhof). Leaving on Sunday evening by R 406
  • Smsm1 cycling to near Koblenz, then taking the sleeper train ZUG421 21:12 Thursday 14/07/2011 from Koblenz to Wien Westbahnhof 09:04. Returning Sunday 17/07/2011 from Wien Westbahnhof -> Koblenz 07:44 on ZUG420. Then cycling back to London.
  • LastGrape/Gregory Wednesday 08:27 from St Pancras via Brussels to Cologne. Spending a few hours there then the 20:05 sleeper to arrive in Wien Wastbahnhof 9:04 Thurs 14/07/2011. Leaving on Monday 18/07/2011 at 19:48pm sleeper train, and going the same way back.
  • Marcel Hövelmann Nighttrain from Cologne Friday 20:05 to Vienna arriving at 09:04. Leaving Vienna on Saturday with nighttrain at 19:48 to Cologne
  • Lucadelu Friday 18:00 from Trento via Innsbruck. Leaving on Sunday night
  • Ant departing on Monday 7.48 p.m. on EN 490
  • Roland Olbricht arriving on Thursday 17:26 (Wien Westbahnhof). Leaving on Saturday morning by aircraft.
  • petschge arriving Friday 13:26 with ICE 21
  • Kolossos coming from Dresden with Nighttrain (EN 477) on Thursday morning.

By Motorbike

Henk Hoff is planning on going by motorbike. Rough idea on route: Netherlands - Luxembourg - Eifel/Moezel - Schwarzwald - Tirol - Vienna. With couple of nights on camping (when nice weather) and/or bikerhotels along the way. Interested in joining this trip? Put your name down below (with starting point). End of June I'll start planning a more detailed version of the route (to and from).

By Bus