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A spaceport or cosmodrome: a site for launching or receiving spacecraft Edit or translate this description.
Group: Aeroways
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The tag aeroway=spaceport is used to map a  Spaceport. A spaceport or cosmodrome is a site for launching or receiving  Spacecraft (vehicles designed to fly in outer space).

How to map

  • Create a closed way around the extent of the spaceport area (often co-incident with a barrier of some kind).
  • For complex boundaries create a relation:multipolygon and add the tags to the relation.
  • If the area of the spaceport is not clear, use a node at the center.

Add the tag aeroway=spaceport and the name=* if relevant.

Related features

A spaceport area may contain one or more lauch pads, landing pads, hangars and other features which should be mapped separately:

A list of spaceport-related tags and values. Refers to aeroway=*.
Picture Descripiton Tags Taginfo
 Spaceport, i.e. a set of launch complexes, launch pads and facilities where rockets or spacecrafts are being processed, launched and/or returning. aeroway=spaceport
 Launch complex, i.e. a part of a spaceport made of one or more launchpads and facilities (to not confuse with aeroway=launch_pad) aeroway=launch_complex
Launch Pad 39B.jpg  Launch pad for rockets, i.e. the actual place where a rocket is being launched. It is usually part of a launch complex. For missiles see military=launchpad, for miscellaneous man_made=launch_pad aeroway=launchpad
Landing Zone 1 (23267877284).jpg  Landing pad for rockets aeroway=landingpad
Falcon 9 Leaving Hangar at Cape Canaveral.jpg Hangar for aircraft or spacecraft aeroway=hangar
KSC-95EC-0948.jpg Runway - used by some spacecraft , not necessarily at a spaceport, see list of Space Shuttle landing sites. There are also hybrid spaceports. aeroway=runway

For remains of no longer active spaceports, or those under construction, see Lifecycle_prefix, for example: construction:aeroway=spaceport


Landingpad at Cape Canaveral

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Common tagging mistakes

Don't call every structure within the spaceport area (also) aeroway=spaceport, as this leads to a wrong number of spaceports in taginfo (and any other consuming app/map). See aeroway=* for alternative tags.
Example Baikonur Cosmodrome (6th February 2021) in Overpass turbo
Baikonur OSM.png


Proposed: Rocktet icon201001.svg

Rendering in Röntgen project

Tag Rendering
aeroway=spaceport Röntgen rocket on launch pad.svg
aeroway=launchpad Röntgen flying rocket.svg
aeroway=landingpad Röntgen landing booster.svg

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