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Public-images-osm logo.svg aeroway = spaceport
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A spaceport (other than airport / heliport) Edit or translate this description.
Group: Aeroways
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This page contains details on the spaceport key and related tags. For an overview of airports and aviation in OSM see Aeroways. The aeroway=spaceport key is used to hold all the main details for a spaceport.It can be associated with the area within the perimeter of the spaceport.

How to map

Either create an enclosed way around the extent of the spaceport land (often co-incident with a barrier of some kind). For complex boundaries create a relation:multipolygon and add the tags to the relation. In addition to the mandatory aeroway=spaceport tag the following are available:

Tags and values

A list of spaceport-related tags and values. Refers to aeroway=*.
Picture Descripiton Tags Taginfo
Launch Pad 39B.jpg Launch pad for rockets launchpad
Landing Zone 1 (23267877284).jpg Landing pad for rockets landingpad
Falcon 9 Leaving Hangar at Cape Canaveral.jpg Hangar for rockets hangar
KSC-95EC-0948.jpg Landing of shuttles, not necessarily at a spaceport, see landing sites. There are also hybrid spaceports. runway


Landingpad at Cape Canaveral


Proposed: Rocktet icon201001.svg

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