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Launch Pad 39B.jpg
A launchpad for spacecraft Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: Aeroways
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The tag aeroway=launchpad is used to map an above-ground facility from which a rocket-powered space vehicle is vertically launched, see  Launch pad. Not to be confused with aeroway=launch_complex (including tower:type=launch_tower and other infrastructure). The correlation between both is similar to aeroway=heliport, see Heliport vs helipad

 Single-stage-to-orbit  Spaceplanes may probably take off from other aeroway=* infrastructure.

A rocket launchpad is distinct from a military missile launch facility (military=launchpad / missile silo / missile complex), which also launches vertically. For other civilian launches see weather_control=launchpad.

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Usually located within the area of a aeroway=launch_complex and / or aeroway=spaceport.


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