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Which kind of aerospace product
Group: Aeroways
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Status: in use

Any feature (company/research etc.) which develops aerospace products may be further specified using aerospace:product=*. Also see the more general tag product=*

How to map

Add aerospace:product=* to the respective main entry, multiple values separated by Semi-colon_value_separator. Possible values see the example gallery or taginfo. logistics=* is not a product, but a service offered by an office=logistics or others.

Primary feature tags used in combination



* an autonomous drone is a "UAV that can operate without any human intervention". In other words, autonomous drones take off, carry out missions, and land completely autonomously. Thus, an autonomous drone is a type of UAV but a UAV is not necessarily an autonomous drone  UAV Terminology

See also

  • product=* - approved tag with a similar but broader meaning: "specifies the human manufactured output or product that a feature (such as a factory) produces"
  • industrial=* - Type of industry or type of industrial object
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