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Permanently fixed facility to hang clothes for drying. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Amenities
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covered=* access=* indoor=* surface=* clothes_dryer=* clothes_dryer:foldable=* clothes_dryer:portable=*

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amenity=dryer man_made=carpet_hanger

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This English article is a translated version, but the content appears to be out of sync with the reference text (usually a French, German, or Russian version on this wiki). Please update this translation if possible.

Permanently placed place to hang clothes for drying. Clothes dryer tag is primarily found in former eastern block countries, where older apartment blocks were often constructed with nearby outdoor racks for drying clothes. Not to be confused with amenity=dryer, which is used for individual public laundry dryer machines.

How to map

Usually mapped as enclosed way (area) or individual nodes.

See Russian translation of this page for more details, including possible values for clothes_dryer=*.


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