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a pedestrian door or gate built into a wall or fence near a larger gate Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
Group: barriers
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A wicket gate is a pedestrian door or gate, particularly one built into a larger door or into a wall or fence near a larger gate. It may also be a stand-alone gate that provides convenient secondary access, for example to the rear of a walled park or garden

How to map

  • Some mappers make a short line with two nodes to show the exact width of the gate, instead.

Combine with access=* where appropriate, or opening_hours=* if the gate is open at certain hours or days. See entrance=* to specify the main entrance to a feature

Note that barrier=gate is widely used to map also wicket gates.

See also

  • barrier=gate - a non-specific tag for all types of gates, typically used also for pedestrian-only gates.
  • barrier=stile - a pedestrian crossing of a fence or wall which requires climbing steps or a ladder over the barrier.
  • barrier=turnstile - a pedestrian entrance with a rotating metal barrier which allows one person at a time to enter

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Wicket gate (small door on left) next to large main gate in a historic castle wall