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A basin used to evaporate water. Edit or translate this description.
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An evaporation pond or evaporation basin is a basin containing water containing a dissolved substance (precipitate). These basins are used for the following purposes:

  • Evaporating the water in order to harvest the precipitate
  • Evaporating the water at contaminated sites remove the water from hazardous waste, which greatly reduces its weight and volume and allows the waste to be more easily transported, treated and stored.
  • Evaporating the precipitation that falls on a contaminated site. The contaminants that the water picks up on the ground are left behind after it evaporates. This prevents the contamination from spreading further down the watershed.
  • Preventing pesticides, fertilizers and salts from agricultural wastewater from contaminating the water bodies they would flow into.

The separate tag landuse=salt_pond is used to tag salt evaporation ponds, which are used to extract salt from saltwater.

An evaporation basin is distinct from a tailings pond, tagged man_made=tailings_pond, which is specifically used to remediate liquid waste resulting from a mining operation.

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Draw as an area area along the outline of the basin and add


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