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First Bridge over the Mississippi River.jpg
a bridge formed from fallen or felled logs
Group: bridges
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A  log bridge is a bridge built from a single or multiple logs. This may range from a naturally fallen tree trunk to multiple felled logs.

Such a bridge is most likely only used for light-weight traffic. A log bridge made of just one log is most likely used for highway=footway whilst multiple parallel logs (laid perpendicular to the span they are crossing) may allow for some vehicular traffic (e.g. highway=track).

These bridges should form part of a highway network, naturally fallen trunks that are not connected to a highway feature are not, by default, a log bridge.

Tags used in combination

  • name=* - name of the bridge (if any)
  • length=* - length of the bridge
  • handrail=* - indicate if the log bridge has a handrail