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Stone bridge made from horizontal slabs resting on vertical slabs or piers.
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A clapper bridge, according to Wikimedia found in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Ireland, is a bridge construction of horizontal slab stones laid on piles of stones or on vertical slabs. Nowadays, the usually only survive as foot bridges across wide streams or narrow rivers or have been replaced by sturdier structures. Some are listed monuments[1][2].

How to map

Draw the line across the waterway=* with the appropriate highway=* tag, add

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See Category:Clapper_bridges on Wikimedia commons


  1. Seven are listed on the Sites and Monuments Records for the Republic of Ireland, one of which is only a "site", i.e. it is no longer there. It is quite possible that there are a lot more unrecorded ones.
  2. The Canmore database for Scotland lists about 30: https://canmore.org.uk/site/search/result?SITETYPE=1788&SITECOUNTRY=1&site_results_page=1