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Status: Draft (under way)
Proposed by: Fizzie41
Tagging: cadet=military
Applies to: node / area
Definition: Meeting place of a local Military Cadet unit

Drafted on: 2021-08-19


This tag is to be used to map the location of the training depots / buildings where Military Cadet groups meet, together with details of each Unit.

Despite being extremely popular youth organisations (e.g. British Air Cadets alone have 952 Squadrons, with ~33000 Cadets!), there are currently very few Cadet Units mapped in OSM, with a lot being incorrectly mapped as landuse=military + military=barracks, although there is very limited use of:



"Military Cadets" refers to the various voluntary, youth training groups, usually aimed at teenagers aged ~12-18, that are usually loosely linked to a branch of their country's Armed Forces e.g The Australian Defence Force Cadets (ADF Cadets) are a personal development program for young people, conducted by the Australian Defence Force in cooperation with the community, which benefits the Nation by developing an individual's capacity to contribute to society, fostering an interest in Defence Force careers, and developing ongoing support for Defence. They are broadly similar, but also somewhat different, to Scouts / Guides.

In most countries, Cadets are not actually part of the Armed Forces, have no requirement to eventually join the Armed Forces, and do not receive full military training, although they may have serving military personnel acting as instructors.

Cadet units will often be housed within the grounds of Secondary Schools / Colleges, and also actual Military bases. In some cases, particularly with Private Schools, Cadets form a compulsory part of the school curriculum.

For the purpose of this tag, "Military Cadets" does not refer to the various forms of Officer Cadets, who are already enlisted in the armed forces of their respective country, but are still going through their initial Officer Training courses, before being posted to a unit.


Tagging will be in the format:
club=cadet + cadet=military = Sea / Army / Air / Combined, based on the branch of it's sponsoring Military service:

Sea Cadets - units based on a country's Navy, and / or it's Marine Corps where applicable

Army Cadets - units based on a country's Army

Air Cadets - units based on a country's Air Force, and

Combined Cadets - joint units, with contingents of multiple Services.

Actual mapping would be as either a node or an area, depending on where the Unit is located.

Where the Unit occupies it's own building, draw an area around that building, and tag it as building=yes + club=military_cadets.

If the Unit shares space in e.g. a Community Centre, add a node to that Centre as club=military_cadets.

As Cadets are NOT considered to be part of a country's Military forces, then the building is not to also be tagged with landuse=military. On those occasions when the Cadet building is located on the grounds of a military estblishment, it will however, still be included under that area's landuse=military.

Common Tags


The suggested format for entering the name / designation of for each Unit will be:
name=* <ID> <Location> <Unit Type,> <Organisation>, (depending on the exact formatting of each Unit's title).

for example:
TS Vampire, Australian Navy Cadets

2827 Port Moody & Coquitlam, Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps

2457 (Tring) Squadron, Air Training Corps

The Unit Type and Organisation name should always be spelled out fully e.g. Squadron, not Sqn, and Air Training Corps, rather than ATC, for clarity and to prevent confusion. "Ship" names however e.g. TS (Training Ship) or HMCS (Her Majesty's Canadian Ship) are, by tradition, always abbreviated


operator=*, once again including the full name e.g. operator=Australian Air Force Cadets, rather than just Air Cadets, so as to prevent possible confusion between different countries.

If you know the Wikidata code for that operator, that can also be included as: operator:wikidata=*


The normal opening_hours=* tag is to be replaced by a new tag: parade_hours=* to show what time/s the Unit parades e.g. parade_hours=Tu 18:00-21:00

This will help differentiate between the hours the area (e.g. school) is open, and the actual times the Cadets are on parade.


Military Cadets at Royal BC Museum - Victoria - BC - Canada (16850182465) (2).jpg


Sergey Shoigu in Moscow Suvorov Military School-01.jpg


Noting that scouts, and very few other clubs, are yet rendered, so unlikely that this will be!, possibly a silhouette of somebody saluting? e.g. British Army Soldier Saluting MOD 45154892.jpg

Features/Pages affected

This tag would be listed in a table on the club=cadet page

As mentioned above


would all be deprecated, and moved to this tag.

Reference would also be made on the military=base and military=barracks pages under a "See Also" heading.

External discussions

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadet - be aware that this page doesn't differentiate between Youth Cadets & Military Officer Cadets


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