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Public-images-osm logo.svg landuse = meadow_orchard
Tuebingen Streuobstwiese.jpg
Area used for both grazing / hay production and fruit production Edit or translate this description.
Group: Landuse
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Status: proposedPage for proposal

Used rarely to tag the typical Central European landuse "meadow orchard" ( Streuobstwiese)

The tag is used by few mappers proposing a dedicated first-level value for the landuse=* key. Those mappers argue that due to the dual use of meadow orchards -- hay and fruits (most commonly apples) -- it would be impossible to decide whether it's more a meadow or more an orchard.

How to map

Draw a way around the area of the meadow, and tag landuse=meadow_orchard.

Optionally add trees=* to specify the kind of trees or shrubs

Alternative tagging

Most mappers evaluate which characteristics prevail, and use subtagging as follows:



However, there are meadow orchards where it is impossible to objectively determine which land use is more dominant.

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