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A place where people with common interests (science, technology, ...) meet. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Leisure
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A hackerspace, hackspace (from Hacker and Space) is a community run place where people interested in (digital) technology, software, open source, electronic art,... meet, socialise and collaborate. Hackerspaces normally have a fixed clubroom which is opened regularly (e.g. every week) and are typically filled with ledstrips, computer hardware in a relaxed atmosphere.

A makerspace is a subtype which is focused on creating real-world artefacts, often with 3D-printers, lasercutters and electronics - often offering these devices as service to the members.

In some cases, it is difficult to distinguish between a makerspace and a hackerspace as there often is overlap in both.

How to Map

Add leisure=hackerspace to either a node at the center or to the outline of e.g. the room. You should name it with name=*.

You may also wish to consider noting its telephone number, website (with website=*), opening_hours=* or address (eg addr:full=*) if such information is available.

Related tags

You can often find Club-Mate in hackerspaces, so drink:club-mate=yes is often an usual combination.

If the hackerspace also offers repair services, consider the tag repair=*.

Maps showing hackerspaces

See also

  • club=linux for a Linux User Group. While most hackerspace members are usually open source and linux users, a hackerspace is broader. A Linux User Group is focused on using linux and programs on linux only.
  • amenity=internet_cafe for a place whose principal role is providing internet services.
  • office=coworking for an office where people can rent a desk and go to work
  • amenity=coworking_space for a place where people can go to work (not limited to offices)
  • repair=assisted_self_service — places where collaborative group of people propose to anyone to come and repair together