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A factory or industrial production plant Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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The term works is used to denote an industrial production plant, also known as a factory.

How to Map

Draw a polygon around the whole area of the production site and tag accordingly.

When increasing the level of detail, it is also possible to use this tag for individual production units inside a factory, e.g. where separate components are produced at a car plant, thus justifying separate tagging from the main area.

Note that historically this tag has been used for buildings where industrial production activity takes place. This article was edited after a discussion on the Tagging mailing list, to shift the meaning from a production facility building, to an area that may include multiple such buildings and related infrastructure. More than half of all usage cases for the tag are combined with building=* (as of April 2021).

If you want to tag a single industrial building, not necessarily housing a production facility, please use building=industrial.

Stuff produced

If you want to specify what is produced you can use the key product=*.


  • car assembly plant
  • aluminium extrusion plant
  • brewery
  • furniture plant
  • oil refinery
  • plastic recycling facility

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