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A danger area is a restricted area posing a threat to life or property. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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Group: military
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Status: de facto

A danger area denotes a zone

  • (inherently) posing a threat, or
  • being a theater of activities

that are or might be

  • detrimental to health or life of humans or animals, or
  • potentially damaging property.

Danger areas usually comprise large buffer zones surrounding (possibly historical) sites posing the actual risks, such as (military) shooting or bombing ranges, or the vicinity of nuclear accidents (e. g. relation Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant). Depending on the risks the perimeter of danger areas are usually (legally) required to be cordoned off, or at least signs have to be posted at all paths leading to it.

Entering danger areas is typically prohibited or restricted to staying on roads only. Provided the danger originates from firing live ammunition, danger areas must not be crossed as there is a risk of unexploded ordnances.

How to map

Draw an area area of the exclusion zone and add the following tags:

If the danger area is non-military related, consider using boundary=hazard + hazard=* instead.


Danger area in general Military
E.g. contamination with
unexploded ammunition
E.g. military shooting range

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