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Wilbur Grand Staircase, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco-3772.jpg
A space where artwork is kept and displayed for the benefit of the public. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: tourism
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An art museum is a controlled space where curated works of art are displayed for the purpose of cultural preservation. The artwork is typically not for sale and may be from the museum's own collection or borrowed. Admission may be free, paid, or private, and guests are allowed to wander around to view the art.

How to map

Create a node at the center of the museum, or draw an area marking the building footprint.

Tag it with tourism=museum + museum=art.

Tag the area building=museum.

Tags used in combination

Adding features

Most museums contain features that can be represented by tagging nodes on or within the area of the building. Use local knowledge to add nodes with entrance=*, amenity=toilet, amenity=cafe, office=security, shop=gift, or exhibit=artwork to make a more detailed map of the museum.

For mapping floor plans and multi-level buildings, see Simple Indoor Tagging.

Distinction from gallery

There is significant overlap in use cases for tagging (tourism=museum + museum=art) and tourism=gallery. The latter is more widely used (10 times as much, at 17,000 instances in 2024-04), and is accepted as valid tagging even for institutions that claim in their name to be art museums. If we are to assume that a gallery is wherever a collection of art is on display, then an art museum can be said to contain multiple galleries. A large art museum typically distributes its collection among different rooms and levels, grouping artifacts into themed galleries based on the period or location in which they were made. That being said, it's not currently an accepted use of the tourism=gallery tag to mark different galleries within a museum.

See  Art museum: Terminology and Art museums versus galleries on Wikipedia.