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Costa Rica National Road Network. Edit or translate this description.
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The table of National Routes and their relations is located in Costa Rica/Red Vial Nacional.

This tag describes that the route is an official numbered National Route managed and maintained by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Costa Rica.

There are four classifications for National Routes:

  • Primary roads (Carreteras Primarias): Are those that connect the main roads in the Greater Metropolitan Area and provide a link between mainly the urban centers (head cities of main cantons), airports, and industrial, commercial or recreative zones of national importance.
  • Secondary roads (Carreteras Secundarias): Are those that link the main urban centers of the Greater Metropolitan Area, which are not linked by primary roads.
  • Tertiary roads (Carreteras Terciarias): Are those that collect traffic bound for primary or secondary routes, as well as a link between urban centers of second order (head cities of small cantons and big districts).
  • Traverse routes (Rutas de Travesía): A group of national public roads that traverse the quadrant of an urban area, or streets that link two sections of a national road. They were created to expedite the traffic in city centers. (By Article 3, Law 5060).

Costa Rica being a small country doesn't have provincial or regional roads, any other road below the above national classification is a cantonal road, managed by each canton's municipality, and are seldom just streets, avenues, diagonal or traversal routes. Those can be mapped with just highway=residential or highway=minor.