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A part in a larger city grouped into administrative unit. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: places
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Use place=borough to identify a part in larger place=city grouped into administrative unit.

Depending on the country, suburbs in larger cities are often grouped into administrative units called boroughs or city districts (see boundary=administrative); using the place=borough tag avoids name confusion in countries that declare districts within their states or counties (see place=district).

How to map

Place a node at the centre of the borough tagged with place=borough and identify it with a name=*. Alternatively a borough can be identified with a closed way if the boundary is clearly defined.

Actual usage

As of 2023 about 4,500 of the 4,928 usages of this tag are in Pennsylvania, US or Galicia, Spain from two separate imports. In Pennsylvania they are used for boroughs (more equivalent to a town in most jurisdictions), and in Galicia they are used for parroquias (parishes comprising between three and fifteen or more villages).

See also

  • boundary=administrative and admin_level=*
  • place=district for countries that declare districts within their states or counties.
  • place=neighbourhood for a specific area within a borough or suburb.
  • place=suburb for a part of a town or city with a well-known name and often a distinct identity.
  • place=quarter for areas smaller than a suburb and larger than a neighbourhood.
  • is_in=* - describes a hierarchy where the borough is located, the is_in concept is not needed if the city that the borough is in has a defined boundary way (see Key:place). For a borough, is_in can be useful to indicate that the borough 'belongs to' a city that is not strictly the closest city.
  • Discussion on the community forum about the use of this tag in Galicia (Spain).