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A part in larger city grouped into administrative unit. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Places
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Use place=borough to identify a part in larger place=city grouped into administrative unit.

Depending on the country, suburbs in larger cities are often grouped into administrative units called boroughs or city districts (see boundary=administrative); using the place=borough tag avoids name confusion in countries that declare districts within their states or counties (see place=district).

How to map

Place a node at the centre of the borough tagged with place=borough and identify it with a name=*. Alternatively a borough can be identified with a closed way if the boundary is clearly defined.

See also

  • boundary=administrative and admin_level=*
  • place=district for countries that declare districts within their states or counties.
  • place=neighbourhood for a specific area within a borough or suburb.
  • place=suburb for a part of a town or city with a well-known name and often a distinct identity.
  • place=quarter for areas smaller than a suburb and larger than a neighbourhood.
  • is_in=* - describes a hierarchy where the borough is located, the is_in concept is not needed if the city that the borough is in has a defined boundary way (see Key:place). For a borough, is_in can be useful to indicate that the borough 'belongs to' a city that is not strictly the closest city.