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Public-images-osm logo.svg psv = no
Case where entrance is forbidden for Public Service Vehicles: buses and sometimes taxis or other vehicles. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: restrictions
Used on these elements
may be used on nodesmay be used on waysmay be used on areas (and multipolygon relations)should not be used on relations (except multipolygon relations)
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Status: de facto

PSV stands for Public Service Vehicles. Use this tag for roads or lanes which are blocked to use for Public Service Vehicles. More specific tag may be needed if only some specific public vehicles are blocked.

Note that if access=no or vehicle=no was specified already there is no need at all to repeat psv=no.

Note that using psv=no means that (unless specified otherwise) taxis are not allowed to enter. Typical use of that tag are tagging mistakes.

Note that exact list of vehicles counted as PSV depends on law in given region.

  • vehicles used in a passenger service (no matter how many seating positions they might have)
  • light vehicle used in passenger service (about 8 to 16 passenger seats)
  • vehicles with more than 12 seating positions (whether they're used for hire or reward or not)
    • Sinnbild Kraftomnibus.svg bus=* (a bus acting as a public service vehicle)
  • heavy motor vehicles with more than nine seating positions