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Features involved in local carriage of fluids or goods towards final consumers for domestic or specific processing. It excludes vehicle carriage, referring to transportation. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Railways
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Distribution paths lead fluids or goods from transmission networks interfaces sites to consumers or local processing units. Point here is to map local infrastructure moving reasonable amounts for domestic or small industrial processing.
On such networks, fluids or goods are often dedicated to a particular purpose and usage=distribution is intended for global multi-purposes distribution grids. If known and unique, usage=distribution may be replaced by more specific value like usage=irrigation or usage=industrial.

The path is intended for passive distribution, and this value excludes car, truck or boat carriage. See usage=transportation for a more appropriate value.

How to map

As this value may apply to a wide range of different activities, including artificial Waterways and Power networks, pleaser refer to each domain pages for a more detailed tagging overview.

Draw a line on the network edge (which can be a river, a powerline, a pipeline, whatever) and put usage=distribution on it.


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