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I'd like to propose also ruins=remnants instead of ruins=yes in case there is not much visible. It is suggested to use historic=archaeological_site in this case but it loses the information of the original building. The site_type proposal is not suitable, IMO. I'm interested in castles - usually, there are typical remnants of fortification, and calling one object historic=castle ruins=yes and another, which looks very similar at the first sight, but the walls already covered by soil, "archaeologic_site", seems to me a bit ... weird. Especially in the Czech Republic, where the hiking maps use the same symbol for both. --Kavol 22:23, 14 April 2010 (UTC)

Moved discussion here

I have transferred the following discussions here, in order to document actual usage

There is no wide consensus on using this tag, feel free to discuss on the page Proposed features/ruins for tagging ruins.

This was suggested on Proposed features/ruins#First solution


Instead of using the deprecated historic=ruins we (who is "we" ? not me at least !) encourage everyone to add ruins=yes in addition to an already existing tag (such as historic=castle)

See the the proposal and related discussion: Talk:Proposed features/ruins

Structures that have no historic importance

Not sure what the current state of art is, but this wiki page says:

For ruined structures that have no historic importance ... it's better to use building=ruins and abandoned:building=yes in this case.

However, Key:building page says on building=ruins the following:

...should be used for building constructed as ruins (for example sham ruins in an English landscape garden). Frequently used incorrectly, for house, a village or other building abandoned...

So this might be a bit confusing I guess.