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This app is now called

Bad edits

The article should express the community's concern of bad edits related to Maps.Me. -- SwiftFast (talk) 10:35, 13 June 2017 (UTC)

Contact channels

Do Maps.Me users get any indication of PMs or changeset comments? I have not tried the app before, but I never, ever got a reply by a Maps.ME user. -- SwiftFast (talk) 06:57, 8 July 2017 (UTC)

Never have I ever received a single response from any user, since the map editing feature was launched (as opposed to every other editor out there, where most people do respond to changeset comments). I believe these are completely ignored by the app (and its devs seem to consider that a feature - as there's a mail sent for every changeset comment). Piskvor (talk) 15:03, 27 July 2017 (UTC)

Note that (so far) no editors can notify the user about changeset comments (only PMs). Users will be notified of changeset comments only if they read their normal email, which lots of users apparently does not.


As website has absolutely no information on ownership (only misleading mentioning of USA and Netherlands), it is very important to tell users who owns the software (mail.RU) and where all development takes place (Moscow). As it makes as dangerous to use as Kaspersky antivirus (which is slowly being banned all around the world). --Tstraupis 11:06, 15 August 2017‎ (UTC)

So what you are implying is that one should not use software written in the same city, where some other suspicious software was made? OSM was created in London, and I'm pretty sure a lot of malware came from there. --Zverik (talk) 11:29, 15 August 2017 (UTC)
Not city, but country and connections/relations (checking owners of And misrepresenting to be from USA or/and Netherlands when it is actually from Russia is clearly incorrect.
Moscow? I'm relaxed. I'm sure they do not participate in PRISM. --Aleksandr Pa (talk) 23:38, 24 October 2017 (UTC)

Does the app still do 3D?

MAPS.ME was commented out from 3D in Special:diff/2076975 by User:M!dgard with the comment:

The new crippled version of MAPS.ME doesn't do 3D.

However the screenshots of MAPS.ME on the Google Playstore still show 3D buildings ...

--Push-f (talk) 11:09, 3 August 2022 (UTC)

Have you tried in app itself? Maybe they failed to update it Mateusz Konieczny (talk) 11:10, 3 August 2022 (UTC)
No, I prefer to avoid proprietary software ... which is why I am asking here. --Push-f (talk) 11:44, 3 August 2022 (UTC)
Me too. I only have Organic Maps, which still has 3D buildings. —M!dgard (talk) 12:08, 4 August 2022 (UTC)