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Start and end dates

Currently, this page describes that for the attribute "Periodic date start" (PERSTA) the key "start_date" should be used, and that for the attribute "Periodic date end" (PEREND) the key "end_date" should be used. This appears to be incoherent with the way start_date=* and end_date=* are used for other kinds of objects in Openstreetmap. Instead end_date=* and start_date=* look like the appropriate keys for encoding "Date end" (DATEND) and "Date start" (DATSTA). The information contained in the attributes "Periodic date start" (PERSTA) and "Periodic date end" (PEREND) could either be combined into service_times=*, which would be in line with the usage in the rest of OSM, or attached to new keys periodic_date_start=* and periodic_date_end=*. (I'm intentionally proposing service_times=* because a lighthouse might have opening_hours=* for visitors and completely different service times when its light is on.) What do you think? --Biff (talk) 22:28, 30 July 2013 (UTC)