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"Where you do map one way for each track, it may be useful to add oneway=yes to indicate which direction trams using that track normally travel in" - when did this phrase discussed? oneway=yes is a tag for administrative rules. If tracks are embedded to road - it is one situation (usually we can say about direction), if tracks are separated from road, trams, commonly says, can move in all directions. But, perhaps, it depends on driving rules of concrete state. Dinamik 14:04, 18 February 2012 (UTC)

two ways using the same nodes

"in which case the usual way of tagging is to have two ways, each using the same nodes, one tagged railway=tram and the other tagged with a highway=* value" - when did community decide, that mapping two ways using the same nodes is good idea? I don't think, that it is easy-to-use method. If we have two ways, using the same nodes, there is problem with correcting lines (you begin pull line, but hold only one of them), with connecting other roads (you can accidently connect highway=service or highway=residential road not to highway=residential, but to railway=tram), with software (it shows, that we have mistake - two ways using the same nodes) ets. If there are two tracks, we can draw each track at its place near highway line (which is usually in the center of road) or add tag railway=tram to highway=residential line, if there is one track, lying in the center of road. Dinamik 08:19, 17 April 2012 (BST)