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Neighbourhoods and quarters

The proposal for place=neighbourhood has been approved, and place=quarter voting is in progress. We should consider how this affects mapping in Winnipeg. The following may be an appropriate scheme for tagging place/label nodes, administrative boundaries, and relations.

Should we include all of these levels above neighbourhood? The community areas and wards seem to be the most recognizable and useful names, but their boundaries do not completely correspond. Michael Z. 2012-01-21 23:04 z


Community Areas

See also

place=neighbourhood is supported by Mapnik. place=quarter was approved in 2012-01 and now has its own page. We may as well start using these. Michael Z. 2014-07-22 02:14 z
Quarter has been approved, but was rejected for rendering in Mapnik.[1] Perhaps it’s best to stick to place=suburb and place=neighbourhood. Michael Z. 2015-02-04 17:30 z

Bilingual street naming in St. Boniface, etc.

I have renamed the streets in the Glenwood neighbourhood, using multilingual naming, after the text on street signs. Examples:

  • Sign: av CARRIERE ave
    name=Avenue Carrière Avenue
    name:en=Carrière Avenue
    name:fr=Avenue Carrière
  • Sign: ch St MARY’S rd
    name=Chemin St Mary’s Road
    name:en=St Mary’s Road
    name:fr=Chemin St Mary’s


  1. Capitalizing the French street type follows OSM conventions, including the usage I see in Quebec.
  2. I changed Saint Mary’s and Saint Anne’s to abbreviated St Mary’s and St Anne’s. This follows the OSM guideline[2].
  3. I restored the accent in Carrière, because it is used, and I think required, in French, and is acceptable in English.
  4. In my browser, the result is bilingual names appearing on the standard map tiles, but English names in the ID editor.

Comments? Any reason not to adopt this as our mapping standard in St Boniface, and anywhere else bilingual street signs are used in Winnipeg? Michael Z. 2013-10-30 21:09 z

Bilingual street signs appear in St. Boniface and St. Vital wards (south of the CNR mainline, east of the Red River, west of Plessis Rd where South Transcona starts), and in St. Norbert ward south of the Perimeter (west of the Red River).
Street signs are in all caps and without diacritics or hyphens. I suggest we use full correct orthography for names like these, lowercasing French articles, but always capitalizing the first letter:
  • name=Avenue de l’Église Avenue
    name:en=De l’Église Avenue
    name:fr=Avenue de l’Église
  • name=Rue la Barrière Street
    name:en=La Barrière Street
    name:fr=Rue la Barrière
  • name=Avenue Ste-Thérèse Avenue
    name:en=Ste-Thérèse Avenue
    name:fr=Avenue Ste-Thérèse
  • name=Rue des Ruines du Monastère Street
    name:en=Des Ruines du Monastère Street
    name:fr=Rue des Ruines du Monastère
 Michael Z. 2014-09-01 20:08 z

Mini roundabouts or traffic islands?

We’ve been tagging Winnipeg’s new mini traffic circles with highway=mini_roundabout. But according to the guidelines, a mini roundabout has a traversable island in the centre. Winnipeg’s features better fit the description of traffic_calming=island.

One example is at Warsaw Ave and Nassau St. You can see what it looks like in Google Street View. Just to test the rendering, I changed another one at Warsaw and Daly to a traffic island – it doesn’t render anything in Mapnik.

Any objections to changing these to traffic islands? Michael Z. 2014-10-05 19:46 z