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Used to describe advertising devices.

Outdoor advertising devices have many different forms and aspects, and they are visible by everybody in landscape.
They participate to the economic life of a site, and are necessary for trade and industry.
They can play a role of landmark and be used by people to orientate in the (urban) landscape.
But their many can generate 'visual pollution' and badly transform the landscape, by intruding their commercial messages into public space.
In any case, they play an important role in defining what a particular site or area really looks like.
For all these reasons, it is legitimate to have them into OSM.

Key Value Comment Icon Photo
advertising billboard Advertising billboard (also called a hoarding) is a large outdoor advertising structure, typically found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads : either supported by a wall, or grounded and supported by one pole (or several poles). The size is an important characteristic. A billboard can be lit different ways, can be animated different ways ... Several attributes enable to fully characterize it.
Legaal aanplakken.jpg
AdvertisingBillboard 043.jpg
AdvertisingBillboardGrounded 006.jpg
advertising board Small billboard for neighborhood advertising, generally intended for pedestrians, but some of them can be along roads. Some of them are open to any fly posters, and not private.
IMG 6076.JPG
IMG 6094.JPG
advertising poster_box Dedicated box, around 1.15 m width * 1.80 m high, for putting up posters, generally with two faces, generally lit by transmission, sometimes animated.

Sometimes called 'lollylop' or 'snowshoe'.
Same kind of advertising poster box is found in numerous transit shelters.

AdvertisingTransitShelter 002.jpg
advertising totem Advertising totems are generally rectangular devices, around 1 meter width, and 6.5 meter high (up to 8 meter high). Generally implemented in the entrance of a place, or on the place where a commercial, craft, industrial activity takes place, to announce this activity. It is a form of advertising sign. Grounded, they can be lit, and they can be animated for example with digital prices for gas station. Very common advertising device.
AdvertisingTotem 004.jpg
AdvertisingTotem 003.jpg
advertising column Advertising column, initially 'the Morris' column, are cylindrical outdoor structures with a characteristic style that are mostly used for advertising of theathers, movies, concerts, artistic performances, and other purposes. Mostly found in urban environment. Generally lit by transmission, sometimes revolving.
Morris Column
advertising flag Advertising flag on mast

man_made=flagpole and advertising=flag

Banners of XXXV Polish Film Festival in Gdynia 2010 - 2.jpg
advertising sign Advertising sign, found on roof or facade of commercial building, to advertise activity being hold into the building.
When Does the Match Start^ - geograph.org.uk - 1193161.jpg
advertising screen Advertising screen.
Advertising Sign, Piccadilly Circus, London W1 - geograph.org.uk - 1098037.jpg
advertising sculpture Advertising sculpture, or any advertising object in 3D.
Old Street Landmark.jpg
advertising wall_painting Advertising wall painting.
Levi Strauss sign.JPG
advertising tarp Advertising on tarp, either on scaffolfing, or wall tarp. They are exceptional size advertising devices.
AdvertisingTarp 007.jpg

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